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Different Types of Holistic Healing

Holistic healing works with your entire body and mind, instead of targeting one specific symptom or part of the body. Most practices focus on naturally relieving stress and bringing the body to a state of homeostasis.


Acupuncture uses specially made small needles to stimulate acupoints within the body to encourage a natural self-healing process. It is based on an ancient philosophy in Traditional Chinese Medicine that describes energy as “qi” which when blocked, cannot flow through the body properly. This causes a lack of function, pain, or illness and can be relieved through acupoint stimulation. Other related forms of holistic medicine Boynton Beach FL that work based on this same philosophy include massage therapy, cupping, and herbal medicines.


Aromatherapy heals the body through its nervous system and endocrine system using natural plant extracts and essential oils. The aromatic compounds within these products get their scents from terpenes. Terpenes are known for their positive physiological effects on the body including the ability to relieve pain and elevate mood.

Music Therapy

Music therapy involves things like guided meditation, playing instruments, or using singing bowls for sound baths to bring the body and mind to a state of ease and relaxation. Binaural beats and other forms of sound therapy work with the brain using specific vibrations to align brainwaves to a similar frequency. The sound waves are created by music, instrumental tools, or other devices to emit the frequency desired.

Energy Therapy

Energy therapy works with other energy systems in and around the body using subtle energy and healing touch. This can be safely done with the help of someone like a Reiki practitioner. Reiki works specifically with the vibrational field surrounding the body and may be accompanied by light and crystals.

There are several ways you can holistically care for yourself and naturally reduce the stress residing in your body that may be negatively impacting your health.




What to Expect During and After a Tooth Extraction

If you are scheduled to undergo a tooth extraction, you are probably anxious and unsure of what to expect from the procedure. Your feelings are natural. After all, no one relishes the thought of losing a tooth on purpose. That said, this overview of what to expect during and after this procedure should give you some comfort and a sense of familiarity.

During a Tooth Extraction

When you show up at your dentist’s office for a tooth extraction Happy valley Oregon procedure, your dentist will numb your mouth first. they will use a localized numbing agent like Novocain to ensure that you won’t feel the extraction.
Once the area around the tooth is numb, your dentist will clean and disinfect the area. They will use various instruments to clear the gum and surrounding area of any bacteria that might infect the gum after the tooth extraction. Once the area is clean, your dentist will use several dental instruments to pull the affected tooth.

After the Tooth Extraction

After the tooth is pulled, your dentist and their assistant will pack the newly formed gap with a lot of gauze. This will protect the site from excessive bleeding as well as from future infection.

After your wound is packed and your dentist is satisfied that you are tolerating the tooth extraction, you will be sent home with instructions and medication to aid in your recovery. Not too long ago, dentists commonly prescribed opioids as pain relief for tooth extraction. This is no longer standard practice. You may get prescription-strength ibuprofen to deal with the pain instead.

All Over

Once you recover from the pain and discomfort of your tooth extraction, you are done as far as the procedure is concerned. Your dentist may ask you to visit one last time to check on your progress, but other than that, you are likely off the hook. Therefore, it’s the extraction itself that is the hardest part to go through. Once the tooth extraction is done and you are no longer in pain, you can move on.

4 Ways to Help Your Self-Esteem Grow

Struggling to believe in your own choices or feeling powerless in various circumstances may be signs of low self-esteem. Once you notice this, you may become curious about what you can do to improve your self-esteem so that you can feel more effective when making big decisions.

1. Clean Up

No matter what your living space looks like, it can benefit from a bit of cleaning. Throwing away any unnecessary items or rearranging items that are out of place can help you relax and feel more focused as you deal with life’s problems.

Take time to choose clean and unwrinkled clothes for yourself too, since the way you dress can affect how you feel about yourself. One way to help yourself make a plan could be to contact life coaching services Houston TX for a session.

2. Set Goals

Making reasonable goals for yourself can help you focus your attention and finish tasks you may have been putting off. Not only can accomplishing concrete goals help you feel better about yourself and your abilities, but it can also reduce the level of stress you feel about future problems.

This will increase the likelihood you may try new experiences and become even more confident.

3. Make a List

When you struggle to get through daily life, you may turn to life coaching services Houston TX in order to know what to do next. Another helpful strategy is to write down positive aspects of your personality and accomplishments. Dwelling on the positive instead of the negative about your life can let you see a perspective that you may not have noticed before and boost your self-esteem.

4. Find a Hobby

When you feel like nothing you do comes out right, you may be tempted to give up trying in general. However, picking a hobby you enjoy and sticking with it can help you feel more energized and ready to tackle challenges.

5 Habits for Better Dental Health

Taking care of your dental health requires consistency. Forming good habits will help you keep your teeth and gums in good shape.

1. Schedule Preventive Care Appointments With Your Dentist’s Office

Don’t wait until something is causing you extreme discomfort before taking the time to get a cleaning and exam. Make an appointment with a dentist in Broomfield CO who offers a range of preventive and restorative services.

2. Include Vitamin D and Calcium in Your Diet

The same vitamins and minerals that keep your bones strong keep your teeth strong. Make it a point to eat foods that are rich in vitamin d and calcium. You can also consider taking a supplement along with your regular multivitamin.

3. Brush Three Times a Day

Brushing just once a day isn’t enough to keep your gums healthy. The final brush of the day is often one of the most overlooked. Make sure that you brush consistently every night no matter how tired you are.

4. Use an Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush can clean teeth and gums more effectively than a manual brush because each individual bristle achieves more rapid motion. Be sure to use an electric model to cover each area of your mouth thoroughly.

5. Be Attentive to Your Gums When You Brush

Don’t become too fixated on brushing the surface of your teeth when you brush. You need to include your gums so that you can remove plaque from in between your teeth and gums. That trapped debris is what causes people to get gingivitis, and it is a common cause of tooth decay.

Regular visits with your dentist, good nutrition, and consistent homecare all play an important role in your oral health. When all of these things are habits that are part of your regular routine, maintaining a healthy smile will seem effortless. 

Signs you Need Assistive Mobility Equipment

Getting older is bittersweet. Although you are wiser, you may face a number of other issues when it comes to your health. Many older people don’t like to admit when they are having trouble getting around because they want to hold on to their independence. They may also feel as if they are being a burden. This is why it is important to know the signs to look out for that may signal it’s time to invest in senior mobility equipment.

Warning Signs 

If you or a loved one is experiencing mobility issues, there are many great aids out there to help. Equipment includes things like electric wheelchairs, handicap scooters, and even power chairs. However, you cannot suggest any equipment unless you know for sure your loved one needs them.

Some main warning signs that signal a person is experiencing mobility issues include:

  • Difficulties going up or down the steps
  • Difficulty getting out of a chair when sitting down
  • Problems with balance

If you have noticed that your loved one has become more unsteady while on his or her feet, this could point to a mobility issue.

Other issues can be more subtle. Maybe you have noticed that your parent’s home is messier than it normally is. This could be due to the fact they are unable to clean the house properly since they struggle to get around. Or maybe you have noticed that your loved one’s hygiene habits are taking a downward spiral.

Falls are also clear signs that point to a person suffering from mobility issues. The risk of falling increases as a person gets older. Even though a fall can be an accident, sometimes it may also indicate your loved one is struggling to get around like they used to. Falls are dangerous since they can result in injuries that can take your loved one a long time to recover from.

Final Thoughts

Mobility equipment is a big help. However, don’t forget to pay attention to issues that may go wrong with them. Mobility equipment is meant to last for a long time, but there may come a time when you may need to have the equipment repaired. Mobility equipment repairs Houston and other locations can ensure your loved ones’ equipment continues to meet their needs.

When Would you Need to See an Endocrinologist?

Endocrinologists are doctors who have a specialty in diagnosing and treating medical conditions that are related to issues with the hormones in the body, as well as hormonal glands, and other related tissues. The training they have is specific to the endocrine system and this allows them to diagnose, treat, and manage illnesses in patients when hormone imbalances and other issues occur. It is important that you visit a board certified endocrinologist Miami FL-based, or another location near you, if you are suffering from any related health condition.

What medical conditions do endocrinologists treat?

Endocrinologists are trained to diagnosed and treat medical conditions such as thyroid disease, diabetes, growth issues, infertility, metabolic disorders, some cancers, osteoporosis, and issues in the adrenal glands and pituitary glands.

Sometimes issues can begin someplace else that can result in symptoms in the endocrine system. When issues in other parts of the body affect your endocrine system, an endocrinologist will work with your primary physician to design a treatment plan for you.

Normally, your visit to an endocrinologist will take plan in an outpatient setting after you are referred to one by your primary physician. However, an endocrinologist may also be notified if your doctor needs them to provide you with a consultation during an inpatient visit if issues arise about an underlying hormone-related disorder.

Your doctor will refer you to an endocrinologist if they have concerns about:

  • Thyroid disorder– If you have just been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, you may be referred to an endocrinologist to help look over your condition and come up with a treatment plan. You will have to complete follow-up care with your primary physician if there are no other factors complicating your issue.
  • Issues managing diabetes with regular treatments- If you take medication to keep your blood sugars stable, and it’s not helping, you may need to see an endocrinologist so that he or she can come up with other strategies to help you control your diabetes.
  • PCOS- Polycystic ovary syndrome affects between 7% and 10% of women and can result in acne, infertility, unwanted facial hair, and more.

Keep in mind that you will continue to visit your primary physician for other medical conditions. Some people may only need to visit an endocrinologist for a short amount of time with follow-up care in the future. However, your primary physician can help you manage your symptoms.

5 Ways To Take Better Care of Yourself Because You Deserve It

Self care is an important part of a balanced lifestyle and can help you feel supported, balanced and healthy. The next time you are looking for a great way to take care of yourself, consider these five ways to relax, recharge and grow. 

1. Relax With a Hot Stone Massage

For a truly pampering experience, make time for a relaxing massage. There are several types of therapeutic massage, so be sure to choose a modality that is appropriate for your needs and level of comfort. For an added level of luxury and increased relaxation, ask about adding hot stones or aromatherapy while in your session. 

2. Indulge in a Custom Facial

Relaxing at a medspa while a professional pampers your gentle facial skin is another true treat that many people forego. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Take a look at some of the spa treatments Norfolk VA and find one that suits your skin-care needs. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that some treatments can cause extra sensitivity for a few days and plan your outing accordingly. 

3. Splurge on a Spa Manicure and Pedicure

If you want to feel pampered, but a full spa day is out of the question, consider splurging on a spa mani-pedi. Many local nail salons offer these services, and you’ll have a chance to relax and unwind for an hour while they massage and refresh your tired legs, feet and hands. 

4. Sign Up for Continuing Education Classes

Learning a new skill is a great way to take care of yourself. There are plenty of opportunities for personal growth, and many are available free or for a very small cost. For example, community colleges and recreation centers often offer continuing education programs. If you prefer to learn online, platforms like Udemy and edX are excellent places to find almost any type of class you can imagine. 

5. Schedule Downtime for Self Care

Sometimes the biggest thing standing between you and a relaxing afternoon of pampering is time — or rather a lack of it. Get past that roadblock by actively scheduling your downtime. That’s right, add it to your planner or calendar app. Whatever helps you feel recharged counts as self care. So, go ahead and carve out the time for your favorite activities, whether that’s taking a nap in a hammock, curling up with a book or spending an afternoon working in the garden.

From a spa pedicure to a professional facial, there are plenty of opportunities to relax and feel pampered while you practice self care. Be sure to add your activities to your schedule so they don’t get pushed off.  

3 Common Causes of Persistent Back Pain and What You Can Do About Them

Chronic back pain can make it seem like, no matter what you do, there is always going to be discomfort. However, addressing the underlying cause of your pain can help you find some relief. Consider these three common underlying causes of chronic back pain and what you can do to fix them.  

1. Poor Posture

As prevalent as they are, it should come as no surprise that poor posture and poor body mechanics are among the most common causes of chronic back pain. Bas habits when it comes to standing, sitting or how you move contribute to muscular imbalances between planes of the body which can contribute to back pain in a couple of ways.

First, tight muscles are often uncomfortable. They may lead to stiffness and restricted motion. Applications of heat and over-the-counter pain relievers may help ease discomfort. Over time, tight muscles can cause joints to become misaligned, which may need more intensive therapy to fix. 

2. Trauma

Injuries are another common cause of chronic pain. Some new research suggests that long-term pain that lasts after the physical injury heals is due to faulty neurological signals and overactive pain receptors. Accidents, falls and repetitive motion injuries are a few of the most common causes of back and neck trauma. 

3. Disc Degeneration

Degeneration is more common in some areas of the spine than in others. For example, early signs of disc disease are often spotted in the cervical and lumbar spine first. It may seem odd, but degeneration of cervical discs is often diagnosed because of shoulder pain or arm weakness. This is because it often compresses nerves running to the arms and hands. 

There are treatments available for discs. Depending on the level of damage already sustained, you may be given options ranging from physical therapy to fusing the vertebra. If you are also dealing with a pinched nerve Lincoln Square, that can influence which treatment you decide on.

 Identifying its cause is the first set to finding relief from chronic back pain. Poor posture, previous trauma and disc diseases are among the most common causes of back pain.


Types of Elderly Care

When your loved one reaches the point in their life where they can’t quite make it on their own anymore, you might be faced with the hard choice of picking a care community that can meet their needs. It’s difficult to know the level of service that will be best for your parent or grandparent, and there are so many options out there it can quickly become overwhelming. Let’s take a look at a few common facilities you might discover in your area.

Assisted Living

Whether you’re searching “elderly care Missouri” or “care homes Boston,” you’ll likely find a handful of assisted living communities. Assisted living is a good option for people who can still take care of most of their daily needs, but need some assistance in certain areas of life. These facilities allow residents to continue their lives much as normal by offering activities, events and social outings all supervised by medical staff. They also offer help with activities of daily living and offer meal services.

Skilled Care

Skilled care facilities are for those patients who need more intensive care during the day. They might have issues that require regular medical attention such as catheters or intravenous medications. Some assisted living communities offer minimal skilled care services, but most patients with these needs require a more specialized facility with the equipment and trained staff to properly care for their health.

Nursing Home

Nursing homes offer the most intensive care along with hospice services if requested. They are typically reserved for people who need around-the-clock skilled care and require special medical devices to support their health. These facilities are tailored to people who cannot take care of themselves in any capacity and need significant help with all activities day to day.

Consider your options when choosing elder care so you can ensure your loved one’s needs are met as best as possible.

3 Reasons to Keep Honey on Hand

Choosing natural foods is a great way to add variety and flavor to your diet. However, keeping your pantry stocked with certain choices can also offer many health benefits for you and your family. Organic raw honey Sussex County NJ is a delicious and versatile ingredient that has many practical and tasty uses.

Combat Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, especially seasonal ones, consuming locally harvested honey is a great way to keep those unwanted symptoms at bay. Many people notice itchy watery eyes, a runny nose, and a cough during the spring and fall, when pollen counts are higher and more irritants are present in the air. Locally sourced honey is made from the pollen of plants in your area. This means you can try to decrease your sensitivity to that pollen by consuming honey in controlled quantities over time.

Soothe a Sore Throat

If you’re dealing with more than just allergies, organic honey can still be beneficial for your health. It’s very effective at coating the throat, making it a natural remedy for sore throats and coughs. It’s also shown to have anti-inflammatory properties as well. This can be particularly helpful in children, who should not be given cold medicines at a young age. Keep in mind that honey should only be given to children over 12 months old.

Sweeten Your Food Naturally

Processed and refined sugars can be harmful when consumed in large quantities on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we have made these ingredients a regular part of our everyday diet. Swapping out sugar for organic honey is a healthier alternative. In addition, it can add a more unique depth of flavor to foods and beverages than regular sugar can.

Honey has been used for centuries because of its health benefits and flavor. Be sure to keep some quality organic honey in your pantry for a healthier and more flavorful life.

Two Nutrients Provided by Clams

Clams are a kind of mollusk. Their main body is protected by two hard shells. The animal can push these open when it needs to feed itself. The size and life span of a clam depends on the variety. Some can live hundreds of years while others live for only one year. Some can weigh hundreds of pounds. The meat of this animal can provide many nutrients to humans when consumed. Here are two of them.

Vitamin B-12

Clams contain enormous amounts of vitamin B-12. 100 grams of clam meat can provide a person with eight times the daily recommended amount of this vitamin. When the human body has a lot of B-12 available, it can experience many health benefits. These include increased memory performance, high energy levels, and healthier skin, nails, and hair. In addition, many organs benefit from having a plentiful amount of this nutrient present. The eyes, heart, and brain are all protected from diseases by B-12.


Iron is another nutrient present in clams. Eating that same 100 grams of clams gives a person more than three-quarters of the daily amount they need. Although iron can be found in a lot of different meats, clams are low in fats and can be a much healthier source of this nutrient. People who have a lot of iron in their diets experience less fatigue, better concentration levels, and a more effective immune system. Those who want or need these benefits should choose clams when looking for seafood Plano.

With all these benefits, you can be excited to dig into a tasty plate of clams. There are many ways that this seafood can be enjoyed. Try looking up a few recipes or check out restaurants with them on the menu. Then make the attempt to have them regularly. Your body will thank you.

Norwegian Seafood and Pride in its Quality

Whatever seafood, you choose to consume, if it is Norwegian, you’ll have the certainty that you’re consuming the highest quality. Norwegian seafood is of the highest quality. However, it is also important how it is prepared. The quality is usually the reason why Norwegian seafood products are consumed and appreciated all over the world. The international importance of this industry is amply attested by the fact that Norwegian seafood products are traded in approximately 150 countries. In fact, there are companies that cater specifically to this type of seafood and boast their presence and authority as some of the largest exporters of fish and shellfish in the world.

Food Safety is Essential               

In the same way that the French are able to taste their wines and distinguish innumerable nuances in them, the local experts have sophisticated techniques to determine the quality of the fish through its texture, appearance, and smell. In addition to quality, another aspect of paramount importance is food safety. Fish processing is governed by strict rules and regulations and is subjected to continuous and rigorous testing. Another fundamental aspect is that, from the outset, companies spare no effort to ensure that the fish they catch grow in a clean and healthy habitat.

Seafood Providers

Each species of fish has its own primary market and continues to write its own culinary history throughout the planet. Norway has been exporting some of its seafood products for centuries, such as traditional Norwegian cod and dried cod. Today, many seafood providers have sophisticated infrastructure that ensures that all Norwegian species from the sea arrive fresh in homes and restaurants around the world.

No Exception

There is no exception as many restaurant owners welcome fresh products from the sea to cook and serve to their customers. Many people love seafood Plano located and elsewhere in the United States and around the world. Norwegian seafood gets its popularity from the people that enjoy fish, shrimp, lobster, and other delicacies.