5 Habits for Better Dental Health

Taking care of your dental health requires consistency. Forming good habits will help you keep your teeth and gums in good shape.

1. Schedule Preventive Care Appointments With Your Dentist’s Office

Don’t wait until something is causing you extreme discomfort before taking the time to get a cleaning and exam. Make an appointment with a dentist in Broomfield CO who offers a range of preventive and restorative services.

2. Include Vitamin D and Calcium in Your Diet

The same vitamins and minerals that keep your bones strong keep your teeth strong. Make it a point to eat foods that are rich in vitamin d and calcium. You can also consider taking a supplement along with your regular multivitamin.

3. Brush Three Times a Day

Brushing just once a day isn’t enough to keep your gums healthy. The final brush of the day is often one of the most overlooked. Make sure that you brush consistently every night no matter how tired you are.

4. Use an Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush can clean teeth and gums more effectively than a manual brush because each individual bristle achieves more rapid motion. Be sure to use an electric model to cover each area of your mouth thoroughly.

5. Be Attentive to Your Gums When You Brush

Don’t become too fixated on brushing the surface of your teeth when you brush. You need to include your gums so that you can remove plaque from in between your teeth and gums. That trapped debris is what causes people to get gingivitis, and it is a common cause of tooth decay.

Regular visits with your dentist, good nutrition, and consistent homecare all play an important role in your oral health. When all of these things are habits that are part of your regular routine, maintaining a healthy smile will seem effortless.