Signs you Need Assistive Mobility Equipment

Getting older is bittersweet. Although you are wiser, you may face a number of other issues when it comes to your health. Many older people don’t like to admit when they are having trouble getting around because they want to hold on to their independence. They may also feel as if they are being a burden. This is why it is important to know the signs to look out for that may signal it’s time to invest in senior mobility equipment.

Warning Signs 

If you or a loved one is experiencing mobility issues, there are many great aids out there to help. Equipment includes things like electric wheelchairs, handicap scooters, and even power chairs. However, you cannot suggest any equipment unless you know for sure your loved one needs them.

Some main warning signs that signal a person is experiencing mobility issues include:

  • Difficulties going up or down the steps
  • Difficulty getting out of a chair when sitting down
  • Problems with balance

If you have noticed that your loved one has become more unsteady while on his or her feet, this could point to a mobility issue.

Other issues can be more subtle. Maybe you have noticed that your parent’s home is messier than it normally is. This could be due to the fact they are unable to clean the house properly since they struggle to get around. Or maybe you have noticed that your loved one’s hygiene habits are taking a downward spiral.

Falls are also clear signs that point to a person suffering from mobility issues. The risk of falling increases as a person gets older. Even though a fall can be an accident, sometimes it may also indicate your loved one is struggling to get around like they used to. Falls are dangerous since they can result in injuries that can take your loved one a long time to recover from.

Final Thoughts

Mobility equipment is a big help. However, don’t forget to pay attention to issues that may go wrong with them. Mobility equipment is meant to last for a long time, but there may come a time when you may need to have the equipment repaired. Mobility equipment repairs Houston and other locations can ensure your loved ones’ equipment continues to meet their needs.