Types of Elderly Care

When your loved one reaches the point in their life where they can’t quite make it on their own anymore, you might be faced with the hard choice of picking a care community that can meet their needs. It’s difficult to know the level of service that will be best for your parent or grandparent, and there are so many options out there it can quickly become overwhelming. Let’s take a look at a few common facilities you might discover in your area.

Assisted Living

Whether you’re searching “elderly care Missouri” or “care homes Boston,” you’ll likely find a handful of assisted living communities. Assisted living is a good option for people who can still take care of most of their daily needs, but need some assistance in certain areas of life. These facilities allow residents to continue their lives much as normal by offering activities, events and social outings all supervised by medical staff. They also offer help with activities of daily living and offer meal services.

Skilled Care

Skilled care facilities are for those patients who need more intensive care during the day. They might have issues that require regular medical attention such as catheters or intravenous medications. Some assisted living communities offer minimal skilled care services, but most patients with these needs require a more specialized facility with the equipment and trained staff to properly care for their health.

Nursing Home

Nursing homes offer the most intensive care along with hospice services if requested. They are typically reserved for people who need around-the-clock skilled care and require special medical devices to support their health. These facilities are tailored to people who cannot take care of themselves in any capacity and need significant help with all activities day to day.

Consider your options when choosing elder care so you can ensure your loved one’s needs are met as best as possible.