Two Nutrients Provided by Clams

Clams are a kind of mollusk. Their main body is protected by two hard shells. The animal can push these open when it needs to feed itself. The size and life span of a clam depends on the variety. Some can live hundreds of years while others live for only one year. Some can weigh hundreds of pounds. The meat of this animal can provide many nutrients to humans when consumed. Here are two of them.

Vitamin B-12

Clams contain enormous amounts of vitamin B-12. 100 grams of clam meat can provide a person with eight times the daily recommended amount of this vitamin. When the human body has a lot of B-12 available, it can experience many health benefits. These include increased memory performance, high energy levels, and healthier skin, nails, and hair. In addition, many organs benefit from having a plentiful amount of this nutrient present. The eyes, heart, and brain are all protected from diseases by B-12.


Iron is another nutrient present in clams. Eating that same 100 grams of clams gives a person more than three-quarters of the daily amount they need. Although iron can be found in a lot of different meats, clams are low in fats and can be a much healthier source of this nutrient. People who have a lot of iron in their diets experience less fatigue, better concentration levels, and a more effective immune system. Those who want or need these benefits should choose clams when looking for seafood Plano.

With all these benefits, you can be excited to dig into a tasty plate of clams. There are many ways that this seafood can be enjoyed. Try looking up a few recipes or check out restaurants with them on the menu. Then make the attempt to have them regularly. Your body will thank you.