What to Expect During and After a Tooth Extraction

If you are scheduled to undergo a tooth extraction, you are probably anxious and unsure of what to expect from the procedure. Your feelings are natural. After all, no one relishes the thought of losing a tooth on purpose. That said, this overview of what to expect during and after this procedure should give you some comfort and a sense of familiarity.

During a Tooth Extraction

When you show up at your dentist’s office for a tooth extraction Happy valley Oregon procedure, your dentist will numb your mouth first. they will use a localized numbing agent like Novocain to ensure that you won’t feel the extraction.
Once the area around the tooth is numb, your dentist will clean and disinfect the area. They will use various instruments to clear the gum and surrounding area of any bacteria that might infect the gum after the tooth extraction. Once the area is clean, your dentist will use several dental instruments to pull the affected tooth.

After the Tooth Extraction

After the tooth is pulled, your dentist and their assistant will pack the newly formed gap with a lot of gauze. This will protect the site from excessive bleeding as well as from future infection.

After your wound is packed and your dentist is satisfied that you are tolerating the tooth extraction, you will be sent home with instructions and medication to aid in your recovery. Not too long ago, dentists commonly prescribed opioids as pain relief for tooth extraction. This is no longer standard practice. You may get prescription-strength ibuprofen to deal with the pain instead.

All Over

Once you recover from the pain and discomfort of your tooth extraction, you are done as far as the procedure is concerned. Your dentist may ask you to visit one last time to check on your progress, but other than that, you are likely off the hook. Therefore, it’s the extraction itself that is the hardest part to go through. Once the tooth extraction is done and you are no longer in pain, you can move on.