Why You Need Sleep And How To Get More Of It

Sleep is an important thing for your body, and even your sanity. Sleep does so many things for you that you might take for granted, at least until you aren’t getting enough sleep. When you sleep, your body takes time to heal itself, and your mind works through all the thoughts and happenings of your day.

How much sleep you need is dependant on the person. While one person might be able to get away with five hours of sleep each night, another person may need nine. By going to bed the same time each night and waking up naturally a few days in a row, you can determine how much your body needs.


Sleep Alone If You Need To

Even married couples can find more peace in their wedded bliss by sleeping in separate beds, and even in separate rooms, than one another. If you snore, or your significant other snores, one of you may not be getting a good amount of sleep each night. There are different times of sleep where you snore, and some people don’t even snore.

Snoring isn’t the only issue with sleeping with someone else and having them wreck your night’s sleep. They could talk in their slip, or maybe they toss and turn a lot, keeping you from being able to stay asleep. Sleeping separate doesn’t take anything away from your relationship, but it does let you both sleep better at night.

Get The Right Bed

Having the right bed is another important aspect of getting a good night’s sleep. The right bed for one person may be the completely wrong one for someone else. You will also spend a good deal more money on a bed that is better equipped to help you sleep more comfortably.

Look into sleep number beds, memory foam beds, and even pillow top mattresses. Test them out in the store, and even talk to your doctor about what type would work best for you, depending on what has been keeping you up at night (like back pain).

Set up The Perfect Sleep Atmosphere

While your bed is part of setting up the perfect sleeping atmosphere, there is more to it than that. Smells, and temperature, as well as light, can all affect how you sleep at night. If it’s too hot, or even too cold, you may want to adjust the temperature. Make sure you have a nice dark room for sleeping.

For some people, quiet is most important, yet others need the noise of a fan or something to sleep. Smells can also help or hinder sleep. Try a soothing scent like vanilla or lavendar to help you sleep at night.