Five Ways to Get Ahead in Your New Medical Practice

If you’ve decided to start your own medical practice, you’re already on the path to becoming a leader in the medical field. Doctors in private practice can build a name for themselves and often earn a great deal of respect from their colleagues and patients. If you want to get ahead in your new medical practice, here are a few things you can do to rise to the top.

Offer Personalized Care

As a private practice physician, it’s even more important to offer personalized care to your patients. Your patients will expect to be treated more as individuals than they might in a hospital setting, and this is especially true if they are paying extra money for your care. If you want to become a leader with your practice, you’ll need to spend more time addressing each person’s specific needs and following up with your patients regularly.

Attend Continuing Education Seminars Regularly

There are many continuing education seminars that are ideal for both you and your entire medical staff to attend. The knowledge you obtain can help you stay updated on the latest medical breakthroughs, treatment options and pharmaceuticals on the market. Specific topics may include the proper ways to interpret medical imaging, how to provide the best follow-up care and the importance of patient record confidentiality. CME Science is just one example of an organization that hosts conferences in New York City covering a variety of medical topics.

Be Cordial with Your Medical Colleagues

Establishing good relations with other medical professionals in your area can lead to more referrals for you, which will further boost your number of patients and your reputation as a leader. If a doctor in a related field is new to your area, it would be beneficial to go out of your way to welcome him or her to the community in order to establish a positive rapport. You may even want to consider sending a “thank you” note to any doctor who refers a patient to you.

Simplify Your Billing System

Setting up your billing system in a way that’s easy to understand will be advantageous to both you and your patients. Whether you choose to send out bills by mail or have patients pay online, your reputation as a leader can be harmed if your billing system isn’t up to standard. You’ll want to make sure that each patient is billed the right amount and that the specific type of care each person received is correctly itemized on every bill.

Become Known in the Community

Just having your own medical practice may not be enough to get you the recognition that will propel you toward becoming a leader in the industry. Attending charity events, serving on community boards and joining your local chamber of commerce are great ways to get noticed. You can also create ads for print and online publications that feature your practice information along with a professional picture of you.

Managing your medical practice the right way can help you become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. If you take the time to develop and market your practice and give excellent care to your patients, you’ll see that the payoff will be worth the effort.