Delicious Foods with Healthier Alternatives

When we think of tasty foods, we often envision foods that are loaded with fat, sodium and other unhealthy components. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives to foods that are commonly thought of as being unhealthy. Many of these foods don’t sacrifice taste for quality and can easily be incorporated into your diet if you’re looking for healthier ways to eat.


Believe it or not, hamburgers are not always as bad as they seem. They often get their poor reputation because of greasy fast-food burgers that can be dangerous to eat. Simply frying or barbequing a hamburger at home instead of getting it to go can dramatically cut out a lot of the fat, sodium and preservatives you may consume. You should purchase the leanest ground beef possible that has been minimally processed in order to enjoy the greatest health benefits.

French Fries

There are also ways to make these tasty potato snacks healthier. You can make your own fries at home using sweet potatoes instead of regular ones. After slicing up a sweet potato, you will want to bake the pieces in the oven instead of frying them in grease, which only adds unwanted calories and cholesterol. To spice up your fries, you can try sprinkling some paprika, chipotle powder and Cajun seasonings on them prior to baking.


Some food makers have come up with healthier ways to enjoy this popular condiment. Some of the healthier forms of mayonnaise that are sold today don’t contain as much cholesterol or genetically modified ingredients as their unhealthier counterparts. Hampton Creek is just one example of a brand that has managed to sell mayonnaise that’s safer to consume.


Although salsa is sometimes loaded with sodium, it’s possible to find brands sold in stores that have lower amounts of salt. You can also make your own at home so that you can decide how much salt you want to add. Salsa contains peppers and other health vegetables and can even be effective in preventing certain forms of cancer. Eating spicier salsa can also help lower your blood pressure and clear out your sinuses.

Margarine and Butter

These two spreads are often used interchangeable, but margarine is typically the better choice. Light-spread and diet margarines are the best types of margarine to use. If you still want to use better, your healthiest alternative would be to use whipped butter.


Another food that often gets a bad rap is pizza. Pizza can be made healthier by preparing it yourself at home using vegetable toppings instead of meats and limiting the amount of sauce and cheese you put on your pie. A thinner crust is generally healthier than a thicker one. Some frozen food manufacturers have also started selling pizzas in stores that are made with fresher ingredients and are not as heavily processed as other types of frozen pizza.


Pasta can actually be quite nutritious and safe to eat on a regular basis if it is prepared the right way. Whole-wheat pasta is better than pasta that has been bleached and refined because it contains better ingredients and doesn’t make blood sugar levels spike as high. Also, you should use pasta sauce that is low in sodium and doesn’t contain meat or cheese. You can also add vegetables and freshly prepared chicken strips to your pasta to give your meal even more appeal.


There are even healthier ways to enjoy this delicious classic dessert. Angel food cake is low in calories and sugar and high in potassium. White cake is also considered to be healthier than cakes made of chocolate and other sweets.


This soothing beverage can be made healthier and still give you the kick you need to get through your day. It’s obvious that decaf is better for you than coffee with caffeine, but you can still enjoy a healthy dose of caffeine if you limit the number of shots you put into your drink. Using sugar is actually a safer way to sweeten your coffee because some artificial sweeteners contain harmful additives. An even better alternative to giving your coffee some additional flavor is to use cinnamon, which can help keep blood pressure under control. Additional cocoa is also great to add to your coffee because of the high level of antioxidants it contains.

You don’t always have to feel guilty about eating delicious foods if you’re willing to try some healthier alternatives. Eating the right foods will keep both your taste buds and your waistline happy.