Things That Could Be Harming Your Health In Your Daily Diet And Habits

Everything you do on a daily basis affects your life and your health in some way, from what you put in your body to driving your car down the road. Some things are extremely unhealthy, while others simply could be. And then there are the things that just haven’t been studied enough or been around for long enough to know if they are really good for you or not.

You might remember when cigarettes seemed to be OK for your health, and then a decade or so went by and it was revealed that they caused cancer and many other illnesses. You really don’t know how something might affect your health, but if you really want to be a healthy person, why would you even risk it.


The Age Of Smoking

While the age of smoking cigarettes seems to be waning, with more and more people quitting since many states have banned smoking in public buildings, and often in public places in general, there are still smoking options out there. Many people have turned to the use of e-cigarettes and vaping, even though not much studying has been done on the chemicals used in e-liquids as of yet.

It’s a safe bet, to most people, that this type of smoking is less hazardous to your health than cigarettes, but only time will tell. Many e-liquids still contain the addictive nicotine, and it also seems that some of them may contain alcohol, which could be a bad thing for recovering alcoholics.

Having A Drink

While drinking in moderation is thought to be OK by many people, and things like red wine might actually have heart health benefits, alcohol is still hazardous to your body, and your health, even in small doses. Obviously, the more you drink the worse the effects. Moderation, or abstinence, is the key when it comes to alcoholic beverages and your health.

Speaking of drinking, even some of your non-alcoholic drink choices could be affecting your health. Drinking soda can be bad for your teeth, and bone health in general. There is no nutritional value in soda, and it just increases your sugar and calorie intake, which can make it harder to lose or maintain weight.

Even drinking store bought juice or bottled tea can be bad for you. Too much sugar, again, plus all sorts of extra ingredients to keep it “fresh.” You’re better off making tea at home, making your own fresh squeezed juice, and a good healthy glass of water, or six, is always a healthy and safe bet for quenching your thirst.

Take some time to read labels and warnings on your foods, and on the other things you put into your body. If things sound synthetic, they likely are, and that can often mean unhealthy. Do a little research on your own to find out what studies have shown, before trying something new.