Addictions and Bad Habits: Effective Ways To End Them For Good

There are all kinds of different addictions and bad habits. But with all that variation, there are still a consistently small number of ways to deal with them. And the more you understand these methods, the more you can use them to your positive advantage if you ever come across a situation that needs to be resolved.

Five instances of habit and addition removal to consider might be the use of medicine like methadone, habit replacement therapy, shock therapy, the use of social and environmental help, and then just generally working on internal and externally secure reasoning.


Methadone is a synthetic opioid used to treat drug addiction. It’s scientifically and exactly created and distributed in order to help addicts lessen their need and desire for certain types of drugs. Using methadone is a proven way to make this happen, as long as everything is done in small, graduated steps. And therein lies the key to this successful method – small, workable steps. Many other doctor-prescribed drugs can do the same thing in the same way, as long as you talk to a medical professional about it.

Habit Replacement

Another way to end addiction and bad habits for good is by really digging into understanding what habits are in the first place. Find legitimate medical and psychological sources of information, and then see if you can hijack your own personal processes. This isn’t going to be easy – in fact, it may be one of the hardest things you ever do. But if you have a plan, with concrete steps, then you’ll have a much better fighting chance than you might give yourself otherwise.

Shock Therapy

Though many people disagree with it on a moral level, many people have found that going through shock therapy has helped with their addictions, especially when it comes to things like alcohol. Yes, it’s an outdated and potentially dangerous technique, but done correctly, it has a certain type of success rate for a certain type of person. Choose your options wisely, knowing what they entail.

Social and Environmental Help

If an addict or a person with bad habits is given both support from social circles and is given an environment free from the habit or substance, there’s a much greater chance to succeed in breaking the cycle as well. Again, knowledge is power, and people with experience in these matters should be sought out when making decisions.

Secure Reasoning

Ultimately, it’s going to be logic that beats out addictions and bad habits. So, the more you practice secure and logical reasoning, the sooner you can work through all of the different aspects of your issues. It does take time to really unbox feelings and emotions with regard to this method though, so there are no shortcuts to take.