Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean and Healthy

Your bedroom is one of the places in which you are most prone. It is where your body spends time healing and recovering from the day as you sleep. And, it’s the place where intimate relationships go on.

These are part of the reasons why you want to keep your bedroom a clean and healthy place. It can help you stay clean and healthy, and help you sleep more soundly at night. So what should you be doing to keep your bedroom worthy of your health?

Get a New Mattress

Start off with considering how old your mattress is, and what you’ve been doing on it. Unless you’ve had your mattress covered with plastic there may be some scary things that have seeped within, and even shampooing it or spraying it with Febreeze isn’t going to be enough. Also, if your mattress is feeling a little broken down, simply flipping it isn’t going to help.

When it comes to mattress shopping, you have plenty of options, and you can even buy a mattress online. However, if your online mattress purchase is simply to save some money, take a trip to a mattress store and try out the mattresses you are considering before you purchase. You want to make sure you get the right firmness and feel so you can have a restful and comfortable night’s sleep.

Keep Your Sheets Clean

Not only do you want a clean and mildew free mattress, but you also want to be cleaning your sheets on a regular basis. You’ll find that it is best recommended you wash them once a week. However, depending on the season, and what you’re doing in your bed, you may want to wash them more often or less often.

Hot summer days can make you sweat more in bed, which means your sheets will get dirtier quicker. However, in the winter you may be able to get away with washing them a little less. If someone has an accident in your bed you may want to change sheets immediately.

Dealing With Bed Bugs

One of the most annoying things revolving around beds are bed bug infestations. While they are mostly uncommon in the general home, if you stayed at a hotel or motel recently you may have brought some home with you in your luggage. Once bed bugs are in your home, your nightmare has begun.

If you have discovered these little apple seed sized bugs in your bedroom you need to get rid of them post haste. That means getting some bed bug spray, pulling all clothing and sheets that have come into contact with them, and maybe even disposing of your mattress. These bugs feed off human blood, and one sign you have them may be bites or blood streaks on your sheets. Clean sheets and clothing in hot water and dry on high, and if you have to dispose of your mattress, slash it, wrap it in plastic and put a sign on it that says bed bugs.