Picking The Right Eyewear For You

If you need glasses, it can be a pain deciding what is right for you when it comes to eyewear. There are many choices in frames, lenses, and then you also need to decide if you want glasses, contacts, or both. You also now have the option for surgery, which can correct your sight and make it so that you don’t have to wear glasses or contacts.

When it comes to choosing the right eyewear, there are many options, and many reasons to go with different options. Here is a little guide to help you along in your eyewear search.

Considering Contacts

Some people consider contacts before they consider any other type of prescription eyewear. They make it look like you just naturally have 20/20 vision, and they even make it so that you can play around with your eye color, if you want to.

Some people opt for contact because of those reasons, while some people avoid them because of the fact that you have to touch your own eye to put them in and get them out. Plus, there is tons of more care that go into being a contact wearer than being someone that just wear glasses.

Lense Options

If contacts aren’t your thing, then you are going to want to get a regular pair of glasses, and with that comes a lense choice. You might think you’d want to pick your frames first, but frame choice somewhat depends on your prescription and what type of lenses you want.

If you have a really high script and just want plain plastic lenses, you’ll want frames that won’t make those thick lenses look too thick. If you need bifocals, you don’t want to get too tiny of frames making your different visual areas too small.

You also want to decide what kinds of coatings you want on your frames. Maybe you need polycarbonate frames so that you can get scratch resistant coating and anti reflective coating, to lessen the amount of glare you get when working on the computer or when driving at night.

Plastic Or Wire Frames?

Here’s where simple fashion sense comes in. Many people opt for wire frames, because they are simple. You can get them fancy or plain. You can get ones that are virtually unbreakable, and you can get ones that have no rims or only half rims.

If you want something more fun and outgoing though, you may want to consider some plastic frames. You can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You just want to make sure that no matter what style frame you pick, it fits your face well. You don’t want frames that are too small on a bigger head, or ones that are too big on a smaller head!