The Best Working Dog Breeds for Families

Dogs can be more than man’s best friend. Many dogs have been bred to help their human owners perform certain tasks and are known today as working dogs. From security and rescue work to herding and livestock protection, working dog breeds can make a great pet for the right family. Here are some of the top working dog breeds to consider.

Great Pyrenees

Also known as Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, these gentle giants have long white fur. They are intelligent, loyal, and courageous, making them a great addition to any family. Used as to guard livestock or as goat herding dogs, the Great Pyrenees will bond with the animals, creating a lifelong protective relationship.


A general term for three different breeds, Huskies are cold-weather working dogs. Eskimo and Siberian Huskies have incredible speed and stamina, helping them carry large loads over many miles. Alaskan Malamutes are larger than their Husky cousins. They are incredibly loyal dogs that enjoy working in teams, so consider getting more than one for your family.

German Shepherd

The quintessential police dog, German Shepards are protectors. They are not aggressive, though the work they do has characterized them as attack dogs. German Shepards are highly intelligent and trainable but require constant stimulation to be content. They are a great guardian and companion if you are willing to put in the hours training them.

Golden Retriever

Not officially categorized as a working dog, Golden Retrievers can be trained for many jobs. They commonly perform service dog duties, but also help with search-and-rescue and security tasks. Highly intelligent and energetic, Golden Retrievers love unconditionally, making them great for families.

Working dogs can take more effort than other dog breeds. Not every home is the ideal environment for these dogs. However, they can make a loving and loyal addition to the right family.