Safe Use Of Green Tea And Who Must avoid It


Green tea is one of the most common and ancient herbal tea’s which is used to get multiple health related benefits and now people in west have been using it as a tool that is very effective to decrease the weight. As the green has numerous benefits, therefore, its negative effects are usually ignored because they are believed to be very minor. But it is required to be known and considered seriously that there are certain limitations to its use.

Side Effects of Green Tea

If you want the green tea to be safe for you and give positive results to you then it must be consumed in a moderate way. So too much use of the tea cannot be proved as safe for you. It consists of caffeine which can be the cause of producing some side effects by excessive use of the green tea.

The side effects which can be observed include.

  • Nervousness
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Inability to sleep
  • Confusion
  • Tremor

Best Dosage to Get Some Positive Effects

Headache: If you have headache, you must use the amount of tea that can give you 250 mg of caffeine each day or almost 3 cups of green tea.

Alleviating Cholesterol: To cover the cholesterol problem, it is recommended to use 375 mg of the green tea every day for 12 weeks.

Improvement in Thinking: 1 cup of tea or 60 mg of tea is enough for such purpose.


Who should avoid the green tea?

  • Those persons who have ulcers or acid reflux must not use green tea because the stomach acid is increased due to the presence of tannins in this tea. Ultimately, they can have stomach ache or constipation. The best way to drink the green tea is during a meal or after it and it is not beneficial when the stomach is empty.
  • Green tea consists of caffeine as the other Teas have it. There are few people who do not have high tolerance for caffeine and they have to face symptoms like anxiety, nervousness, shakiness and abnormal heart rhythm. Therefore such people should not consume it excessively. If it is highly consumed, then it also comes in the way of absorption of the calcium. Their bones are also weakened due to its frequent use and the risk of osteoporosis is increased.
  • The women which are pregnant or breast feeding must not consume more than 2 cups in a day as it can cause miscarriage and other related negative effects.
  • If someone has iron deficiency like anaemia, it is better to use very less amount of green tea or even avoid it. If you really like it then it is suggested to be consumed with meals and the meals must be those which contain iron in them for example red meat.
  • Anyone suffering from diarrhea must avoid green tea as well because it can worsen the condition of diarrhea especially if large quantity is consumed.
  • People who have high blood pressure problem should also prevent from its consumption as it plays a role to increase the blood pressure.
  • Children must not be given green tea as it contains tannins which can be the source of blockage of the proteins and other nutrients.
  • Green tea can also cause several diseases related to liver therefore persons already going through any liver disease should not use its excessive amount as it is going to worsen the disease.