Quick and Easy Immune support

Are you sick of being sick? First it’s a virus, then a tummy bug, not digesting well or troubles with fungal infections such as candida or eczema.

The ingredients in BioCeuticals ArmaForce have got you covered.

Andrographis paniculata is a herb known as the “king of bitters”. With its powerful andrographolides it can stimulate your digestion, improving bowel function and destroy parasitic worm infestations. It will protect your liver and help liver damage and infection. It is considered an immune stimulant against both viral and bacterial infection, particularly throat infections where it can give both pain and fever relief. What a herb! Also found in Blackmores Cold combat.

Olive leaf olea europaea has become a popular herbal remedy and why not. It has anti-viral activity providing cell protection against infection, and also anti-bacterial action. Think of the common cold, gastro-intestinal infections, constipation, skin infections and throat infections.  But let’s not stop there it also works as an anti-inflammatory, can reduce blood pressure and is an anti-oxidant! Comvita Olive Leaf Extract can also provide you with olive leaf extract.

Echinacea purpurea (echinacea) root is next on the list but maybe one of the most popular herbs available, considered by Naturopaths and Herbalist to be the first go-to herbal remedy against any infection anywhere in the body. Did you know that echinacea can also help with for food poisoning, gingivitis, boils, cystitis and even athletes foot? You can find this also in Thompsons Echinacea or Bioceuticals Echinamide ImmunoBurst.

So there are our hero herbs, but as well as those, BioCeuticals ArmaForce supplies Vitamin C  and Zinc – we all know how good these are for preventing or reducing the duration of viruses, repairing damaged mucous membranes  and supporting a healthy immune system. One product covers you for all!