How Your Next Trip to the Dentist Can Be More Comfortable

Not everyone enjoys a trip to the dentist, and luckily dentists have been looking for ways to reduce patient anxiety in their offices. Here are some ways dentistry has gotten more comfortable.

Lasers Can Make Procedures Less Anxiety-Inducing

While laser treatment isn’t available for all dental procedures, it is an option for whitening, preparing teeth for fillings and removing gum tissue and lesions. Because the sound and feel of dental drills can cause a lot of stress, you may want to see if lasers could be used in your procedure. Other potential benefits of dental laser treatment Los Angeles CA include less pain and swelling, less bleeding and the ability to preserve more healthy teeth and gum tissue.

Sedation May Be An Option

If you are the type of person who is putting off necessary dental work, like fillings or root canals, you may benefit from sedation during the procedure. Sedation levels vary so that you may be completely asleep or awake but relaxed. Many people who have had sedation during dental work can complete the procedure with less anxiety and pain, improving patient health and satisfaction. If you think that you could benefit from being sedated at the dentist, be sure to talk to your doctor about your options.

Dentists May Have a Comfort Menu

Many dental offices have recognized how scary a visit can be to patients and have worked to find ways to soothe patients. Your dentist may have a comfort menu a list of free offerings that may help you be more at ease during a procedure. Options vary depending on the office, but you may be able to borrow a tablet or gaming device, watch a movie or cozy up under a warm blanket.

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a nightmare, so ask your dentist if they can provide any of these options to make your procedure a breeze.