How to Support a Friend who Has Cancer

The truth is that nobody expects to end up living and coping with cancer. Cancer is such a rare condition that when we hear that somebody has it it strikes us as something really unusual. On the other hand, more and more people out there suffer from cancer as more and more things cause people to have this condition.

If you know somebody who has cancer, maybe your close friend or somebody you don’t know that much about but would like to help them, I suggest that you become familiar with the following steps you can take in order to help those in need.

1.It is hard for somebody who doesn’t have cancer to try to imagine how it is to live with the condition. When you meet somebody who has cancer, try to be as supportive as possible. Listen to them because cancer victims have the need to talk about how they feel (at least most of them).
2. Considering supporting one one of the cancer organisations that
help cancer research. This way you will be able to help all the future victims of cancer by offering them a chance of a cure. One way to do this is to support french cancer foundation that helps to promote research further into the field of cancer.
3. Be practical. If you find out that your friend cannot make it to his doctors appointments, consider taking them there. The same applies to various cancer support groups. Attending such groups can be one of the most important things for a patient with cancer. This is where they can receive care and support they need, but this is also where they can meet other cancer victims and share their experiences together.

Whatever you choose to do for your friend with cancer, try to be as supportive as possible and you should be able to do a lot of good this way.