Four Tips To Assist You In Finding Proper Health Insurance

Procuring the proper insurance for yourself or your family can be a nightmare of red tape and long sentences.  It’s like reading a manual in Spanish when all you speak is English.  You kind of understand some of what’s being said, but you’re pretty clueless overall.  Don’t worry, you smiled because you understand the struggle.  We all do.  If you’re looking for some helpful tips and tricks to remember when you’re on the hunt for proper health insurance, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here is a quick list of a few tips that will help you find the right plan for you.

Make sure you understand all of your options

Before you even begin your search for health insurance, you should understand that there are three basic types of plans that fall legally within the boundaries of the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Major medical, qualified health, and catastrophic health plans are the three different types.  Their names pretty much explain their purposes.  Major medical plans are basically for a young or single person just looking to avoid a tax penalty.  Qualified plans are better for a family, because they are subsidized with government money.  Catastrophic plans are only for people under the age of thirty.  They really just cover a catastrophic accident, and are mainly good for people with no ongoing health issues.


Make a list of your health priorities

If you really want to keep the same doctors you have had for a while, then you should make sure that your insurance plan will be relative to their particular practice.  You will also need to take into account any sort of ongoing health issues you may have, and what runs in your family.  If you’re at risk for something, then you want to make sure that your insurance policy will cover you in the case that you end up acquiring those health issues.

Know your budget and understand the fees incurred monthly

You’ll want to thoroughly inspect your monthly financial standings before you begin your search.  You will then need to make sure that you understand the premiums and fees that are associated with whatever plan you’re considering purchasing.  Answer all of those money questions before you ever sign anything.  Insurance deductibles can really be devastating if you don’t fully understand the requirements of your plan in the first place.  So make sure you do your research.

Check to see if you qualify for government healthcare

Before you go out and purchase a highly expensive private plan, you should make sure that you don’t qualify for Obama Care or Medicaid.  These programs are there to help people that may need a little boost in the health insurance department.  Don’t be ashamed to take advantage of these things.  It’s what your taxes have been paying for.