How To Help Someone Struggling With Addiction

When someone you love is struggling with addiction, it can be a heartbreaking and challenging experience for everyone. It is not always easy to know how best to help. If you want to help them manage their addiction, here are a few things that you can do.


Most importantly, it is never up to you to manage someone else’s recovery; however, what you can do is get them connected to key resources. There are professionals and resources available that are trained to offer the type of assistance that can help an addict in their recovery. Finding the right intensive outpatient program Austin TX can be an important first step.

Understanding Limits

The desire to swoop in and fix the problem often comes from a good place because you care. The reality is that all you can do is support someone because it is their life, their addiction and their recovery process. As you support them, you need to understand what a healthy level of involvement is and set limits and boundaries.


You must take the time to understand the importance of compassion. Many addicts experience hills and valleys throughout their recovery process. This can be incredibly challenging and frustrating; however, embracing and prioritizing compassion during recovery will be beneficial for everyone.

Support Systems

Addictions can also have a significant impact on the family, friends and loved ones. When supporting someone who suffers from an addiction, regardless of what it is, those in supportive roles must still seek their own support. Finding a community that you can lean on throughout is crucial. Addictions can rock families, friends and communities in unfathomable ways. While this directly affects one person, there are ripple effects that have a lasting impact.

While it is not up to you to fix the problem when someone suffers from addiction, there are many ways that you can help. Throughout this, you must be mindful of the way that it is affecting you and find ways to find support, strength and community if you truly want to help your loved ones.