How to Have Fun Exercising Outdoors

If you enjoy the fresh air and struggle to find the motivation to work out, then moving your workouts outside may be the answer. Exercising is more fun and feels less like work when it is outside. Almost any activity can be easily moved outside, but here are some especially fun ways to get you up and moving this year. 

Incorporate Equipment

What better reason to exercise outside than to use fun equipment you can’t use indoors? Feel young again by doing the activities you loved when you were a kid. You can burn lots of calories by jumping on 13 foot trampolines, or balancing on a tight rope. Both exercises use your core and leg muscles. If you live near water, go out on a paddleboard or rowboat. Rowing is a low impact way to burn lots of calories and get a full-body workout. If you live near a basketball court, then get a game together with some friends. The cardio will be worth it even if you end up losing the game. 

Join a Class

Lots of gym classes have been moved outdoors. Many classes, like yoga or pilates, are more enjoyable in the fresh air with a view. Groups of people are now doing fitness scavenger hunts. You can get a group of people together to run around the neighborhood and perform exercises at different locations. This is a great way to motivate everyone and also have some neighborhood fun. Some outdoor classes take place in a park with obstacle courses. This is a creative way to add circuit training into your routine. Working out with a group is simply a great motivator. So why not take the group outside and really make the workout fun! 

The most important thing is to get moving. Any activity that gets you outside is going to benefit your health. Starting is the hardest part, so begin with activities that you can look forward to.