How To Care for an Ostomy

While an ostomy may sound frightening, in truth it is a lifesaving procedure. An ostomy need not interfere with life activities if patients have good attitudes and make an effort to take care of the ostomy, also called a stoma. Here is how to care for an ostomy.

Careful Cleaning

People who have an ostomy can bathe and shower, with or without the pouch. The important thing to remember, however, is not to use soap on or near the stoma. Soap can irritate the area and interfere with the barrier. The skin surrounding the stoma should be completely dry before a new barrier is applied.

Proper Supplies

People with an ostomy need to find the right medical supplies for their particular needs. For example, there are a variety of pouching systems and barrier types from which to choose. The best types of supplies depend on various factors.

  • The type of ostomy
  • Body shape
  • Skin sensitivity level
  • Body size

Those with a stoma need reliable ostomy supplies insurance to make sure they have access to everything es they need.

Quality Living

Those with ostomies can enjoy life fully, returning to work and daily activities. Some adjustments may be necessary, such as with clothing choices, but there need not be a closing in of life after an ostomy.

  • Clear out old clothes, but make it fun. Have friends be part of it and offer honest opinions. Most of the time, ostomy pouches are much less noticeable than patients think.
  • Patterns on clothes help conceal movement and bumps, and tight layers such as camisoles, undershirts, and leggings help hold bags securely against the body.
  • By all means, those with ostomies should go out and socialize. They should bring at least one extra ostomy kit and locate the men’s or ladies’ room wherever they are so they can relax. This is also true for returning to work.

An ostomy does not have to cause a loss of enjoyment. This lifesaving procedure offers patients another chance to be their best. Those with ostomies can look forward to full, meaningful lives wherever their adventures take them.