How blue light glasses help you prevent mental health issues

Blue light glasses help prevent the harmful blue light from entering your eyes. This is necessary because blue light is that part of the visible light spectrum which has the highest energy. Its energy is harmful to the eyes and can eventually lead to many mental health issues that are bound to make your life miserable.

Here’s how blue light glasses help.

  • Prevent Insomnia

You might have heard health gurus tell you how crucial sleep is for our physical and mental health. Guess what? They are absolutely correct. And that’s why it’s essential to do everything you can in favour of having a regular 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

However, the digital era that we live in makes us do exactly the opposite. All the screens including smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions that we can’t live without these days hamper our Circadian Rhythm. Thus, not letting us experience healthy sleep every night.

Here’s what happens. When the blue light from these screens enters our eyes, the body uses it as a signal. This signal tells the body (falsely) that it is day time, and therefore, not the time to sleep. We are sure you’re wondering what exactly the problem is in this scenario.

Well, the issue is that this signal inhibits the production of melatonin. It is a sleep hormone that is secreted by our bodies by the end of every day. It helps our body move into a state of deep rest. Yes, this is exactly the hormone that you suppress every time you drink a caffeinated drink like tea or coffee. Now, you know why it is recommended not to have such drinks at night.

With no melatonin, the body does not go to sleep. This hampers the body’s sleep cycle if the same thing keeps happening every night. And you know it does happen. Your work on the laptop, scrolling on social media, or watching a late-night show on the TV are most likely habits which lead to poor sleep cycles. And thus, insomnia.

A pair of blue light glasses can easily block 99.9% of the blue light and help you avoid the disease.

  • Prevent Depression

With improper sleep comes the risk of damaging your brain cells. That’s because the body does not get the time to create new healthy cells or repair the old ones. These processes are usually done while you are asleep. Also, this leads to building up of neurotoxins in the brain.

The overall damage with no sleep can lead to mood disorders which are a symptom of depression. Thus, you must protect yourself against blue light to stay clear from depression.

Summing up

Sleep is an undeniably essential part of our lives. We can’t be careless about it at any cost. That’s why Specscart brings to you blue light glasses made with advanced X-blue lenses that block the blue light emitted from screens and artificial lighting.

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