How an Independent Insurance Agency Can Save You Money

There seems to be no shortage of name brand insurance company offices in most urban settings. The problem is you might be paying more for insurance products than needed. Independent agents are designed to offer more products from a variety of sources, which can save you money from the start.

Provide Solutions for Your Actual Insurance Needs

Agents that work for specific companies and others that are independent both make their living with commissions, but branded company agents must earn their income from a smaller, more select group of products. An independent agent can widen their scope to find the right insurance product to fit your exact needs. This means you are never paying for products that are unnecessary.

You Can Choose From a Wide Selection of Insurance Products

An independent insurance agent has access to a wide data base of similar insurance products from a variety of carriers. They want to gain your confidence and repeat business. They will search for the right product and get it at the best price point on the market.

Finding the Most Affordable Rates

Brand specific agents are limited in the amounts of money they can save you on most insurance products. They can usually offer a few dollars savings for bundling insurance policies, but most often you only save by cutting down the desired coverage. Independent agents are free to roam a multitude of companies to find you the most affordable rates.

Save Time in Getting Multiple Price Quotes

You have the ability to go online and gather price quotes from as many insurance companies as possible, but the time it takes to input the information can cost you dearly. Independent agents normally have to input the information once or twice, hit the enter button and get quotes from multiple companies at one time. This saves you time and allows you the opportunity to get back to more important activities.

Claims Filing Assistance

Filing an insurance claim can seem frustrating and confusing. The independent agent is happy to help make the process easier and understandable. Quicker claims filing means getting life back on track faster.

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