Endoscope repair services

Surgical equipment is extremely expensive. That’s why most hospitals can’t afford to have a whole lot of spares lying around for when something goes wrong. When a surgical camera goes down, it could mean rescheduling dozens of appointments and losing thousands of dollars. Repairs must be performed accurately but also quickly to minimize downtime. Unfortunately, there are not that many companies out there that specialize in repairing these kinds of items, so there is often a backlog for service.
Benjamin Biomedical understands the importance of getting you back on track quickly. They offer premier endoscope repair services while getting your working tools back to you within a two or three day timeline. That’s amazing service. With a team featuring multiple experts in surgical camera repair, they are ready to field your service calls quickly and efficiently.
Benjamin Biomedical services most major brands of surgical cameras and couplers. They also provide free consultations to discuss what issues you may have and get all of the facts to make sure your repair service goes smooth.

Dealing with the manufacturers of these instruments can be a real headache. After all, it usually requires multiple telephone calls to people who may or may not understand the severity of the situation. Most will require you to ship the instrument to them for repair, and it is not uncommon for repairs to take weeks instead of days. On top of all that, they are known for being extremely expensive as they think they are the only game in town. Benjamin Biomedical levels the playing field. With over twenty years of experience in servicing surgical cameras, the team is ready to tackle any problem, and they will do it for a fraction of the cost of the original manufacturer. Pairing that with a quick turnaround time, and there just isn’t any reason to even consider going anywhere else for your endoscopic repair needs.

Don’t let your patients down with frustrating rescheduled appointments. Schedule a free consultation with Benjamin Biomedical or simply put in a repair work order online. They will get back to you in no time at all to find out how they can put you back on track.