Battling The Mind And Body

Dealing with cancer one time is enough of a burden. When you have to deal with the threat of cancer twice and sometimes more than that, it can take a beating on the mind and the body. There are a few ways of overcoming fear of cancer coming back so that you can live a life that is pleasant instead of worrying about the treatments and how the cancer will affect the body.

Look at the triggers that you have with the fear of cancer. It is leaving your family behind if something happens and you don’t make it through the disease? Do you become afraid when the anniversary of your cancer comes around or if you hear of someone else having the same kind of cancer that you have already defeated? When you realize what sets off the fears, then you can better handle them with the help of family and friends.

Make a plan of action for any appointments or in the days before treatments. Talk to the doctor about what is going to happen at the visit. Take part in activities that will distract the mind from what’s going on in the days before the doctor’s appointment or the treatment. Take a family member with you or someone you trust so that you’re not alone. Remember that it’s alright to have support as there are people who are willing to be there in any way possible.

Join a cancer support group. This can help tremendously in discussing how other people deal with the fears that are associated with cancer. You can usually make a few new friends, enlarging your support system so that all of you can lean on each other when it comes to a new diagnosis or a round of chemotherapy. Do things that will enhance the health of the body. Get a massage so that you’re not as stressed. Acupuncture works well with relieving stress and pain. You might find strength and peace in religion or praying. Find something that will keep you calm during the cancer process whether you have defeated it once or you have found out that your cancer has come back.