Discover the Different Types of Tea

Tea is something that is enjoyed in many countries around the world, and that has been the case for over two thousand years. There are actually more varieties of tea than there are countries on earth. Although it is produced in many countries, the top three are China, India and Japan. Other producers of this wonderful product include Ceylon, Africa, Taiwan, as well as the United States.

China is such a huge country, that there is a big difference in climate from one area to another. This means that the environment is excellent for growing numerous variations of tea, including both green and black. The downside to tea production is that it takes a lot of labor from growing to harvesting, and through to preparation. A lot of teas in the west consist of a blend of various types of teas. These are selected based on what the manufacturer deems as high quality. For instance, Dragon Well from China is used in a number of blends. It can be drunk on its own, and has a nutty flavor to it. One tea that is loved in China is Jasmine Balls. The leaves are rolled into balls, which helps to release the flavors that give the tea its specific taste.

In the west, such as the US and UK, one of the favorites is Keemum tea. It has been available in stores for over a century, and hails from China. Due to the demand for it in the western world, most of the produce grown in China is now exported. Although China is a large producer, if you base tea production on the yield per acre, then Japan comes out on top. The Japanese people drink a lot of tea, and so a lot of what they actually produce remains within the country. Due to the climate in Japan, the best area for tea growth is the Shizuoka region, which accounts for over 95% of the tea grown there.

When it comes to green types of teas, then one of the favorites is Sench. This can be purchased in most Japanese restaurants and bars, as well as being available to take home from local stores. For those people who enjoy a good boost from caffeine, then Gyokuro should be the option. Tea is used in many ceremonies, and Matcha is one of them. Although, these days it is drunk at any time of the day.

When it comes to the amount of tea exported due to demand from other countries, then top of the list is India. Tea from this country is in so much demand, some years the exports have to be regulated on certain types. Because of this worldwide demand, India actually imports a lot of tea from nearby countries. One of the famous teas from India is Darjeeling, which most people will have heard of it.

These days it is not only the recognized black and green teas that are consumed in large amounts. There are also a lot more herbal teas available than ever before. These herbal teas come from all over the world, including Argentina and South Africa. Tea has never been so popular, and with the world population increasing, demand is likely to continue to rise.