Cure for inherited blindness: New Gene therapy

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Believe it or not, science has done it once again. Treatment has been discovered for a tragic illness! A procedure known as the gene therapy has been proven successful for treatment of inherited blindness. A comprehensive study involving numerous participants suffering from this disease has proven the efficacy of gene therapy. This study was one of the first of its kind to prove that even inherited blindness could be treated with this revolutionary treatment option.

How does gene therapy work?
Researchers have put in a lot of hard work in ensuring that a disorder like blindness too can be cured by gene therapy which revolves around the process of eye mutation. The results of this study indicate that this treatment is beneficial in treating both eyes safely and successfully.

During this procedure, initially all the dysfunctional genes are sorted and healthy copies of these are made. Once the healthy copies are ready for eyes, these healthy gene duplicates are injected into the eyes of the patients. These healthy cells quickly adhere to the eye and trigger some spectacular reproduction and growth by which the eyesight can be restored easily.

The results of this treatment have been so positive that more and more patients are signing up for this study and doctors too seem incredibly optimistic about treating them. After the initial concerns of this experimental gene therapy are resolved, the doctors state that this will soon be rolled out for other patients to help in restoring their visual abilities.

Treating eyes at the right time
Doctors always state that the sooner you provide treatment to degenerative eyes, the faster they will respond and recover. This means that you have to keep a close watch on how you are treating your eyes.

Do not ignore any eye problems because the sooner you find out that there is a problem, the easier it is to resolve them. In case your eye troubles aren’t as severe as blindness but are close to astigmatism, it is best that you rely on safe and reliable eye products otherwise severe infections can result in serious eye damage.

Many patients of astigmatism have found that using a comfortable pair of hydrogel contact lenses like Biomedics Toric can be a very useful solution. These lenses are known for being able to provide the wearer with clear vision throughout the day. Since they are created with specially designed and patented thin edge design, it ensures that they stay put at the same place regardless of the levels of activity you undertake through the day. These lenses also offer a protective layer against UV rays.

Home remedies for better eyes

If you have been suffering from poor or deteriorating vision which hasn’t yet taken a very serious shape, then there is still time to better your vision by these simple home remedies:

1. Walking barefoot on grass early in the morning is supposed to work wonders on your eyesight. It essentially presses certain acupressure points that help in removing any blockages in the optic nerve and regulating proper blood flow.

2. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables apart from consuming raw salads to maintain natural mineral and vitamin levels in your eyes.

3. Wash your eyes regularly to keep them free of dirt and germs.

4. Never rub your eyes as tiny particles of dust may scratch the thin covering of your eye and it might lead to bleeding as well.

5. Give your eyes adequate rest. Do not work on your laptops or computers for more than 2 hours straight.

6. Do not watch television without anti glare glasses for more than one hour.

7. Never expose your eye to any form of artificial air or light like blow dryers or heaters.
If you can follow these simple and obvious things you can ensure you live a happy ocular life.

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