Choosing A Sunscreen

If you notice that you burn easily while outside in the sun, then you might want to consider finding a sunscreen that offers the UV protection that the skin needs. Sunscreen is also beneficial for children as they have fair skin and can burn easily as well. Another reason to invest in the best broad spectrum sunscreen that you can find is to prevent some of the signs of aging while gradually getting a tan that you desire.

When you begin looking for a sunscreen, pay attention to the SPF number. If the product is for children, you want something that’s at least a 30 SPF or above. One that is at least a 15 will offer the protection that you need if you plan on being outside for long periods of time. However, you need to reapply the sunscreen about once every hour to hour and a half as sweat can tend to make the product come off the skin. You also want to reapply the sunscreen if you’re in the water. Children should also have sunscreen reapplied every 30 minutes if they remain in the water for a long time. There are some products that are waterproof.

Test the sunscreen before using it on a regular basis. Some products might have chemicals in them that will cause a rash on the skin or that don’t work as well as others. Sometimes, a less expensive sunscreen will work just as well, if not better, than one that cost a good bit of money. If the skin is oily, then consider a water-based sunscreen as these usually don’t have as many chemicals in them that can further break out the skin.

Pay attention to the expiration date. Sunscreen is a product that you don’t want to use if the date has passed as it will decrease the effectiveness. Some sunscreens will become oily if they sit for long periods of time, which can make the product harder to stay on the skin after it’s applied. A spray might work better if you are looking for a product to protect the skin while getting a tan, especially if you aren’t planning on being in the water.