Animals and Feeding

Are you a vegetarian? I am certainly not one of those people who try to stay away from meat. Personally, I believe that in order to be strong one needs to eat enough meat on a daily basis and I certainly make sure that my family and I consume enough protein that comes from meat, eggs and nuts.

I feel confident about the places from where I get my meat. The supermarket I order from is one of the biggest in the country so I know that they must be doing a great job to ensure that everything they do is safe.

One of the ways to ensure that our meat is high quality is for farmers to use antibiotics in animals. Antibiotics used in animals are good for everybody: for the animals, for meat consumers, as well as for the planet. Animals that are fed antibiotics actually consume less food and water, which is good for the planet overall with the shortage of natural resources. So next time you eat a hamburger you might want to think about all those good things that come together with it.

One reason I like it when animals take antibiotics is that animals tend to be more pain free when farmers feed them the medicines. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to eat any meat from an animal that used to suffer because it was killed for me to have my steak or hamburger. Animals that are pain free are happy animals, and their meat is actually healthier to eat than the meat that came from an animal that used to suffer a lot during its life. If you were sick and you knew that the only option you had was to take an antibiotic, wouldn’t you just take it? I am sure that you would.