A Variant Of The Electronic Cigarette Called The Vapestick

Vapestick is a popular brand worldwide with its headquarters at London. It is a variant of the electronic cigarette. The products are available for almost everyone who has a knack for smoking. It is also a good option for those who want to quit smoking. But in spite of its popularity it is not devoid of adversities. Here is a view of its advantages and disadvantages-

Merits – they are of good quality, the life of battery is good, it offers a range of flavors and products and lastly it tastes good.

Demerits – It is a bit expensive, the looks are not as appealing as it should be but that does not affect its usability and do not offer the guarantee of return of money and also not good warranty.

The Vapestick offers a kit for starters ranging from small to big. Most of the packs come with a recharger, extra batteries, cartomizers and a booklet for its usage. Five different types of flavors are available such as peach, strawberry, apple, blueberry and grape. The vaping can be done for two hours which is the battery life apart from recharging it. The cartomizers are free of nicotine and has a varying strength of tobacco content. It is a foremost member of the ECITA so they have to follow the rules and regulations by them. Though the brand is at a high price but it does give one the value for money. The cartomizer provides puffs of 300 that are equal to supply vapor to 30 cigarettes. Vapestick also has other types of electronic cigarettes like the V-Shisha and mini electronic cigarettes.

The design and packaging could have been better nevertheless it does not take away from its credibility. The production of vapor is considered good. The products are of premium quality. There is no doubt being a variant of the electronic cigarettes it is safer than the regular tobacco based cigarettes. In the long run it saves money for the refilling and recharging as compared to other electronic cigarettes. But it is true that when the batteries do not work as long as it is supposed to one needs to charge it which is very well applicable to almost all the electronic cigarettes. You need to find your type of Vaping cigarette from an array of products. It is a break from the traditional variety.