A Guide to the Holistic Approach for Illness and Choosing a Holistic Practitioner

Increasingly, many people are embracing holistic approaches to medicine as an alternative to conventional treatments. Many people have been able to solve life-long illnesses and health problems by switching to a holistic healing plan. Holistic healing is centered around using a variety of methods to treat the body as a whole, rather than a single symptom. Holistic practitioners encourage their patients to live a healthy lifestyle and gain balance in all areas of their lives. If you are considering holistic medicine Ft Lauderdale, here are some things to consider.

The Holistic Approach to Illness

Conventional and modern approaches to treating disease focus on the symptoms a patient is experiencing. Often, based on symptoms a patient describes, conventional doctors will prescribe drugs or antibiotics to make their symptoms go away. Conversely, holistic medicine seeks to identify the underlying cause of an illness. Instead of prescribing drugs, holistic practitioners use a combination of herbal therapies and lifestyle recommendations to treat disease. Some treatments used by holistic practitioners include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Supplements
  • Herbal medicines
  • Homeopathy
  • Reflexology
  • Diet changes

What to Look for In a Holistic Practitioner

As a patient, it is important to select a practitioner who will best suit your individual health needs. Holistic practitioners can take a variety of approaches to treat disease, and it is important to choose a doctor whose practice aligns with your expectations. For example, some practitioners may emphasize nutrition plans, while others might focus on spiritual modalities for healing—you need to do your homework to choose the doctor that is best for you. Unlike conventional medicine, there are many interpretations of holistic medicine. When choosing a doctor, it is important to go with a practitioner that embodies the philosophy and uses the treatment methods you are seeking.

Holistic medicine is a great option for people looking to treat the underlying cause of their sickness. This approach uses a well-rounded approach to wellness to improve quality of life.