5 tips on staying awake while driving

Falling asleep while behind the wheel is commonplace. More than half of US drivers confess to being drowsy at some point when they got behind the wheel. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration places the annual figure of crashes caused by persons falling behind the wheel at 100,000 based on police reports. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety puts the number at three times that, with the injuries and fatalities being in the tens of thousands.

If you wish not to be part of the statistics and dealing with a
brain injury lawyer Vancouver sent over, it is vital you remain awake when behind the wheel. Those who get behind the wheel when drowsy often have the confidence that they can stay focused on the road despite the sleepiness. In this situation, mind over matter will not work, even if you roll down the windows and put the music on blast. Heavy eyelids, zoning out and moodiness should tell you things are dire.

Here are tips for keeping you awake when behind the wheel.

Take a powernap: When you get behind the wheel, and you’re sleepy, recline the chair and take a nap. If where you are does not allow, find the nearest public parking where you will not be bothered and take a much-needed rest. Equally, should you start driving and feel overpowered, find a spot, pull over and nap. It’ll save your life.

Have someone with you: Driving long distances will wear you out. It is best if you drive with some who can take over from you when you get tired. Even if they aren’t drivers, make sure they are people who can keep you engaged and are firm enough to get you to pull over when you’re struggling to remain awake.

Watch what you eat before getting behind the wheel: Carbs and sugar will have you feeling drowsy after their energy wears off. If you know you’re about to take a long drive, opt for other alternatives. That includes low-calorie foods and those that release energy into the body gradually. Don’t forget to hydrate throughout the journey.

Drink caffeine: With this tip, you will join the millions of people worldwide relying on caffeine to remain awake. However, do remember that as your body metabolizes it, it will wear off at some point. The crush comes quite suddenly; learn to notice the signs and know if to have more or to rest.

Avoid alcohol: The idea that a bit of alcohol (perhaps a shot) will jolt you awake is false. If anything, it will all the more increase drowsiness once it wears off. Don’t try cheating your body with quick fixes; it will fight back, and quite hard.

Stay safe.