5 Tips For a Successful Pregnancy and Birth

Discovering that you are going to have a baby can be one of the happiest moments of your life.  The promise of a new future and an expanding family is something to celebrate!   Because it’s so exciting and there is so much anticipation surrounding becoming a new parent, it’s normal to want it to go as smoothly as possible.

In order to have a positive experience which goes as close as possible to the way that you envision it, follow these tips along the way.

Find a Doctor You Trust

It’s essential that you find a doctor to follow your pregnancy who you trust.  Since you’re not only placing your own life in their hands but also your baby’s, it’s essential to find someone that you know won’t cause you injury or distress during the process.

Rather than choosing the first doctor that you find, you should carefully choose someone that comes recommended.  Be sure to interview them and ensure that they have the same values as you when it comes to the birth process.  It’s important to find someone who listens to you and values your voice as a parent.  Otherwise, you’ll feel frustrated the entire process.

Stay Active

Even though you may feel exhausted during many points throughout your pregnancy, it’s essential to keep your strength up.  Unless your doctor advises against it and encourages you to stay on bed rest for any particular reason, you should try to stay active every day.

Being active doesn’t necessarily mean intensive cardio exercise, but being on your feet and keeping your body moving.  Low impact exercises like swimming and walking are great ways to make sure that you stay active throughout your pregnancy to remain strong and maintain a healthy weight within the recommended amount.

Take a Birthing Class

When it comes to giving birth, there’s no such thing as being too ready.  If this is you and your partner’s first child, you should consider taking a birthing class.

Knowing the ins and outs of the best ways to breathe and stay calm during the labor process is helpful, especially if you have some uncertainties surrounding your pregnancy.

Don’t Rush Too Quickly To The Hospital

Even though you may be anxious to jump in the car and go to the hospital at the slightest sign of a contraction, it’s prudent to stay home during the early part of labor.

If you arrive at the hospital too soon, they may send you home which is a wasted trip.

Stay Flexible

Even though you may have a clear vision of how your birth should play out, it’s important to stay flexible about the process.  Things can change at the last minute, and it’s important to remain open to things changing.