5 International Candies You Have To Try

Looking for a flavor adventure, but don’t want to go too far into uncharted territory? Candies from around the world are an easy jump-off point for budding epicureans. Whether sweet or savory, they’re familiar enough to be tempting but exotic enough to offer an adventure under every wrapper.

Rademaker Hopjes

Companies importing specialty candy would be remiss if they didn’t carry Hopjes. Though coffee-flavored, these Dutch candies are completely caffeine-free. They have been around for centuries, giving people the chance to enjoy the warm flavor of their favorite morning beverage any time of the day.

El Almendro TurrĂ²n Duro

Not only is this Spanish candy an interesting flavor combination of nougat and almonds, but the wafers they’re packed between give it an enjoyable texture. If you don’t like candies with a harder consistency, don’t fret. These also come in a soft, chewy variety.

Pocky Biscuit Sticks

Hailing from Japan, these candies are international superstars thanks to their appearance in several high-profile anime and manga series. These thin sticks of biscuit are dipped in a variety of frostings, such as chocolate, matcha and strawberry, but the brand has 50 flavors total.

Marmara Turkish Delights

If you’re looking for a flavorful vegan and gluten-free option, look no further than these candies from Turkey. They come in flavors that are traditional to American and Western-European candies, such as lemon, strawberry and tangerine, but also keep things interesting with rose fruit jelly.

Kalev Marzipan

This candy bar is made of creamy almond paste dipped in chocolate. The original flavor is pretty popular, but other flavors to try are coconut, Irish coffee and Vana Tallin, a spicy liquor native to Estonia. These can taste exceptionally sweet if you are unaccustomed to marzipan.

Candy from around the world isn’t just flavorful fun, it’s an easy way to expose yourself to other cultures. They also make great gifts!