5 common injuries you might not be aware of

Even common place injuries can happen in the most unusual of circumstance, and although this will not ease the initial pain it could provide a unique background story for when you explain about your trauma. The following are five common injuries you might not be aware of.

Be Careful

When we hear of a car accident immediately we think of deep cuts, burns, head or brain trauma and spinal injuries to name a few. Whiplash is one injury that reappears constantly throughout accident forms after even a slight bump, with such regularity that many an insurance firm blame false claimants for the increase in motorist’s premiums.

However not all injuries that are sustained during a car accident are by the usual means of crashing into another car. In fact simply by attempting to change the tyre can bring painful consequences. For those not comfortable with the concept of changing a tyre, the action of the putting the car up on a jack increases the risk of an accident occurring. You could be injured by a simple sprain from using the jack or tyre wrench incorrectly; hurting your back removing the tyre or the car could topple off the jack or roll onto a part of your body if it has not been secured properly.

Give them a Hand

In these gadget-oriented times, it is no wonder that our hands dexterity is being pushed to the limit with the perpetual use of the smart phone and tablets. So no longer are wrist injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome put at the door of just the keyboard and mouse but at our fun activities like our phones and games console controllers.

Water Ache

Swimming is one of the best exercises that we can do, due to the effort required to push against the waters resistance but not impacting upon your joints like running would. However, swimming can cause an injury that can be referred to as swimmers shoulder and relates to the over using the shoulder joint. This can be irritated due to either no or too little a warm up or an incorrect technique. To try and limit this ensure that you properly stretch before and after each session and attempt to do some form exercise during the week to build up your muscles around this area.

Back to the Grind

For those working in the construction industry the rules for health and safety have improved dramatically over the years, with many sites recording almost minimal accidents. Many of the tools and actions used on site can cause harmful vibrations throughout the body but if guidance is taken from the HSE then the chances of developing white finger or losing the strength in your hands is reduced. Common accidents on sites usually revolve around people’s lack of attention and momentarily losing focus on safety first principles. Simply moving down a ladder can cause severe damage should you lose footing due to a lack of concentration.

Step to It

To ensure that you don’t cause any injuries to your feet, or ankles it is vital to ensure that you choose the correct type of footwear for the surroundings you are in. There is no sorer sight that seeing a lady take an unfortunate tumble in ill fitting heels in a cobbled or uneven street, betraying the elegance that she walks with. A perfectly fitting shoe will help to cushion all manner of impacts to the foot and help to avoid stress fractures or sprains. Slips, trips and falls are common, but you can take measures to reduce your risk.