4 Ways To Upgrade Your Look On a Budget

Everyone knows the feeling of looking in your closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear.  Even though it may be full to the point that you can hardly close your closet doors, there comes a point where you start to feel frustrated and bored with what you have.

Not everyone has the budget to able to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.  Being limited on resources can start to make you feel like there’s nothing you can do to update your look.  However, sometimes all it takes is knowing a few shortcuts to switching things up without spending much at all.  Here are some of the best ways to update your look without breaking the bank.


The same outfit can completely transform depending on what you pair it with.  Accessorizing can be a great way to make an outfit that you already have, take on an entirely new form.

Try to pair what you have with a long necklace, for example.  This can make even a basic t-shirt suddenly a chic yet relaxed look.  Wearing a watch with a sweater with rolled up sleeves can make your outfit pop and give it a little sparkle.

Since many accessories cost less than clothing, making a trip to the store and filling up your cart full of accessories can cost much less.  Not to mention, unlike clothing, you can wear the same accessory every day without having to wash it.

Thrift Stores

Going to second-hand stores can be a great way to update your look for a fraction of the price.  A common misconception can be that if something has already been worn before that it must be outdated or worn out.  However, the minute that something is purchased even without ever having been worn it’s considered second hand.

Therefore, you can potentially buy something brand new for a fraction of the cost simply because it was purchased by someone and never worn.

The nice thing about second-hand is that you can buy it online as well.  Try checking out sites like eBay to find second-hand treasures.

Trade With Friends

Trading with friends can be a fun way to upgrade each other’s closets for free. Sometimes the things in your closet which may seem old and outdated can be a huge score for someone else.  Sometimes things which you’ve been looking at for too long can just seem old and drab.  However, when someone else sees them for the first time it may be a special gem that adds something new to their wardrobe.

You can make a girls night out of it by planning a clothing trade amongst friends.