4 Ways To Be Healthier In The Workplace

When it comes to being healthy not only at home but when you leave the door and go to work, it can sometimes be a challenge.  Work can be full of temptations like treats that coworkers bring or nearby restaurants which seem to be calling your name.

In order to be the healthiest version of yourself, it’s important to be consistent wherever you are. Not just at home.  Here are some of the best tips for continuing your healthy lifestyle at work.

Bring Your Lunch

One of the biggest culprits for a little extra padding around the belly is eating out in restaurants.  When you eat out at places other than home, there can be all sorts of hidden fats and sugars which you are unaware of.

When you prepare your food yourself you can cut your calorie consumption significantly down since you know exactly what’s going into your lunch.  You can pack a healthy lunch and snack which will keep you going all day rather than loading up on junk which will make you hungry sooner.

Not only will you consume fewer calories packing your lunch, but your checkbook will thank you for it as you will spend much less.

Don’t Touch The Vending Machine

It can be tempting having a vending machine nearby which has delicious treats and temptations.  Rather than seeing bags of chips as innocent ways to indulge while you earn it with your hard work, instead, recognize that all these calories add up.

Most vending machine items are filled with no less than 250 calories.  When you add up a few of these a week you could find yourself consuming an extra thousand or more calories overall with just this alone.

Stop Snacking

There are many books written on why Europeans are slim.  Americans seem to be fascinated by how they eat bread and pasta and cakes and wine without being obese like a large percentage of the United States.

However, the secret isn’t in what you eat overall, but how much you eat.  When you snack throughout the day you are consuming constantly.  You never give your body a moment to relax and experience a state of not eating.

Try to take a break and only eat meals.  You will end up consuming fewer calories overall by eating 3 hearty and healthy meals rather than grazing throughout the entire day.

Skip The Coffee

In many offices, coffee is an integral part of the process.  It seems like someone is constantly brewing a new pot, and before you know it you’ve got the jitters and have consumed 700 calories in sugar packets.

Try to limit your coffee consumption and you’ll find that your energy will actually increase rather than crash.