4 Things That Happen Immediately When You Stop Drinking

Many people choose to stop drinking at some point whether it’s for a few months or forever.  Whether they think they have an addiction, or they just want to take a break for the sake of taking a break, there are so many advantages to quitting alcohol.

Even though it’s entirely possible to enjoy alcohol in small doses without it negatively affecting you, it’s often challenging for some people to find the appropriate boundaries.

Here are some of the things that you can expect almost immediately when you eliminate alcohol from your life.


One of the reasons why alcohol is so loved by many is because it seems to make all of our problems wash away.  It’s associated with celebration and social gatherings, making us feel happy and upbeat.

One of the reasons for this lighthearted freedom, however, is because you’re in a fog.  Alcohol slows down your cognitive abilities, and as a result, you feel less inhibited and carefree.

However, with these feelings of euphoria, comes delayed responses, and difficulty being able to process situations clearly.  You may become easily emotional or aggressive about things that wouldn’t frequently affect you, and you may have trouble remembering details the next day.

When you stop drinking, you suddenly get rid of all of the murk and have clarity instead.  You experience your feelings in a present state rather than as a backseat passenger.

Better Sleep


Alcohol may make you fall asleep faster. However, you’re less likely to stay asleep.  Too much alcohol in your system stops you from entering a REM state of sleep.  As a result, you often wake up feeling more tired than you did before.

The minute you eliminate alcohol, you start waking up earlier and feeling more energized.  It takes less sleep to feel rested, and your energy levels are sustained throughout the day.

Weight Loss

Since the average alcoholic drink has between two hundred and four hundred calories, it’s easy to start adding up extra calories.  One night of a few casual drinks can quickly become the equivalent of three or four hamburgers if you’re not careful.

In addition to the empty calories in alcohol, you’re likely to binge on less than healthy food options when drunk.  Anyone who’s ever found themselves at a fast food drive in at two o’clock in the morning knows the feeling.  Taking a break from drinking will start to affect your waistline almost right away.

Less Anxiety

If you’re someone who is prone to stress and anxiety, then drinking isn’t going to do you any favors.  When you consume alcohol, you’re throwing in all sorts of variables which could negatively impact your anxiety levels.

From poor sleep to potentially making embarrassing decisions which you regret later, alcohol only adds to stress.

Try taking a break from alcohol for ten days and see how you feel.  Chances are you may just be convinced to cut it out of your life forever.