4 Signs That Someone You Love Has a Drug Problem

Most people know that drugs are addictive and destructive in the long term when taken irresponsibly in excess.  They can ruin people’s lives and even result in death.  However, many people aren’t sure what the warning signs are.  Sometimes people aren’t sure what to look for and in an instant, they lose someone they love to drug addiction without even seeing it coming.

This doesn’t have to be you, however. Here are some of the key traits to look out for that may indicate that someone you love has a drug addiction.


Someone who frequently takes substances as a form of feeling better is probably at risk of being an addict.  When people are no longer able to handle their issues in a sober state of mind and need to reach for drugs in order to cope, then they are most certainly abusing substances.

Taking prescription medication is something which should only be advised by a doctor.  When you start self-medicating outside of a doctor’s orders then you are walking a thin line that may lead to a serious drug problem.

Therefore, if you start seeing behavior which suggests they need to numb themselves to self-soothe, then you should start considering an intervention.

Mood Swings

When someone you love is abusing substances this can often lead to extreme highs and lows.  If you notice that their behavior seems to take dramatic turns from elated to full of despair, then this is a red flag.

Try to keep an eye on when these mood swings occur and whether or not you think it may be substance related.

Lack Of Interest In Leaving The House

Unfortunately, many addicts get to a point where they have little interest in doing anything else besides getting high.  Getting them to leave the house and do anything other than numb themselves isn’t their idea of a good time anymore.

If your loved one has stopped showing an interest in things that they once loved, then you may want to sit them down and have a frank conversation.

Irregular Sleep Patterns

Sleeping too often or not sleeping at all may be a sign of a drug problem.  When you start to notice that someone is tired during times of day when they should be awake or awake at odd hours of the night when everyone else is sleeping, then this could be an indication of drugs in their system which is inhibiting healthy sleep.

Try to keep an eye out for warning signs that your loved one’s sleep is affected.  This may be one of the first red flags as an outsider and key to noticing a problem.