4 Amazing Benefits of Calcium

You probably already know that calcium is good for you, but do you know just how good it really is? Here are four benefits of calcium that may surprise you.

1. Stronger Bones

Not only will calcium strengthen your teeth and bones, but studies have shown that it may actually reduce your risk of osteoporosis. You can save yourself a lot of pain in the future by consuming calcium today.

2. Better Moods

Ladies, this one is for you. Calcium can actually help you ward off the symptoms of PMS: It breaks down in your system and reacts positively to estrogen and other hormones. If you don’t get enough calcium, the opposite occurs and your PMS stays longer.

3. Faster Metabolisms

Dairy products aren’t known for their fat-busting properties, yet new reports suggest that a glass of milk after your workout can replenish your fluids and kick-start your metabolism. Instead of reaching for sports drinks, reach for dairy instead.

4. Greater Cancer Resistance

If ovarian cancer runs in your family, it’s time to start taking your calcium. While the reports aren’t definite, scientists are suggesting a correlation between adequate calcium intake and a reduced risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

These are just four ways that calcium can boost your mood and improve your overall health. If you find it difficult to consume your daily recommended dose, think about turning to calcium supplements instead. Click here to learn more about calcium supplements and what they can do for you.