3 Things to Look For in a Retirement Home

When your loved ones are ready to retire, they need a home that is safe, comfortable and tailored to their needs. If you’re searching for the best retirement home Woodinville WA has to offer, here are three major things to look out for.

Friendly Service

Your loved ones will be depending on the professionals around them for care and support, so make sure they’re in good hands. You and the retiree should meet with the aides, nurses, supervisors and any other regular employees before choosing a home; use this time to make sure you feel comfortable with the caretakers.

Enriching Activities

Retiring is about more than staying home — it’s about newfound freedom and finding a new lease on life. Your loved one’s retirement home should offer plenty of activities to keep retirees engaged, active and above all, happy. Be sure to ask about activity schedules when meeting with caretakers! This is also an excellent time to learn about the facility’s policies on independent leaves and visitation.

Independence-Focused Approach

Retirement homes tend to have a negative association with a lack of independence, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your retirement home of choice should have an independence-focused attitude and provide each resident with the dignity of autonomous self-care wherever possible. Your loved one may need assistance with certain activities, but their caretakers should allow residents to (safely) perform as many unassisted tasks as they can.

No matter where your loved one chooses to retire, they deserve a home that will go above and beyond in meeting their needs. Make sure everyone feels comfortable trusting your chosen facility’s caretakers and don’t be afraid to ask questions at any point. Furthermore, encourage the retiree to do the same; they will be spending their golden years with a retirement home, and it’s important that they’re satisfied wherever they retire.