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What Is a Drug Treatment Center Like?

Many people shy away from checking into Tennessee drug rehab programs because they are unsure of what a treatment program is like. Below are a few things you can expect in a quality drug rehab center.

Assessment to Determine Level of Treatment Needed

If you’ve ever wondered what to expect in drug rehab , the first step is to undergo a complete assessment. An intake specialist will ask all the right questions to determine the level of treatment you need and what programs will work best. No two addictions or addicts are the same. Treatment can be somewhat customized to fit the level of addiction and types of drugs or alcohol used. All recommendations will be made with your ultimate success in mind.

Clinical Safe Detox

The next step in the process is to meet your treatment team and prepare for the start of your medical detox. An experienced medical team will begin the process of ridding your body of drugs and alcohol in a safe manner. Every available means will be employed to minimize your discomfort with potential withdrawal symptoms. You have qualified individuals around 24/7 that can help with any medical emergencies. You can feel confident you are in good hands.

Meet Your Therapist and Group Therapy Members

The next step in your experience will involve meeting with your therapist for individual counseling sessions and also for group therapy. You will be involved in therapy with fellow individuals that are in the midst of the same battle. The group therapy environment can be one of your biggest allies and areas of support on the bad days. You can develop supportive friendships that last for life.

Begin Working On Any Coexisting Mental Illness

A mental illness that is diagnosed in conjunction with an addiction must be treated simultaneously. You will then begin treatment that can include specialized therapy and medications. Many find immediate relief when receiving treatment for a mental illness they never knew existed. It’s not uncommon for addictions to develop due to an individual trying to self-medicate away mental illness symptoms.

Eat Nutritious Foods to Improve Health

It’s easy to fall into horrible nutrition patterns when dealing with an addiction. Your body becomes malnourished and lacks the vitamins and nutrients needed to function in a full and healthy way. You will learn what foods are beneficial to reintroduce the nutrition you need to dramatically improve your overall health. The goal in nutrition monitoring is to ensure you are gradually building the strength you need to go back to a normal life and continue your path to recovery. Your body can begin responding positively within days.

Get Healthy Exercise for Relaxation

You will have private time that allows you the opportunity to read, write, or converse with others, but you will also need to focus on healthy amounts of exercise. It’s another way to increase your levels of health and promote better moments of complete relaxation. You will sleep better and be able to focus on your treatment program.

Enjoy a Calm, Enriching Atmosphere

A drug treatment center is not a setting that is full of chaos and anxiety. It is made to feel comfortable, relaxing, and allow you the perfect environment to heal. The furnishings are contemporary and nice, the lighting is sedated and decor made to feel like home. You will not be stuck in a setting that feels like a hospital. Most have outdoor areas to sit and enjoy the views and interact with squirrels, birds, and maybe even see a passing deer. Everything is created to reduce anxiety and stress during treatment.

Prepare to Go Home and Maintain Sobriety

Over the course of weeks you will be building up the knowledge, skills, and strength you need to go out into the world and continue your battle to maintain sobriety. You will be given all the tools you need to feel supported and successful.

You will find that your time spent in a drug rehab center is one that emphasizes the strength you possess to change your life for the better through positive choices. It’s the best opportunity you can give yourself to bring life back to normal.

How to Quit Smoking

Many people out there are aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes. we hear it all the time: you should quit smoking, smoking is bad for your health, it will give you cancer. of course, all of those statements are true and should never be ignored. Additionally, smoking is expensive and over a long period of time it can cost you a lot of money you might want to spend on something else such as healthy foods for example or vacation, both of which are good for your health. The sad truth is that so many people are so used to smoking that quitting seems almost impossible to them. This is where vaping comes in with everything it has to offer.

If you have visited a Vape Store, you might have noticed a variety of healthier options they offer. There are many studies out there that say that e-cigarettes contain 95% less harmful substances to traditional cigarettes, making them an excellent alternative in case somebody has problems quitting smoking. What is more, they seem to be tastier as well as you can buy them in many flavors. It is a great thing as being able to experiment with different flavors is a good way to spend your free time.

There is more to electronic cigarettes. these days they come in different strengths, meaning that you can choose to opt for weaker and weaker ones. In time, this should allow you to quit smoking completely, or at least reduce it to minimum. In practice, this will mean that you will be healthier and will get rid of those nasty habits that have been ruining your life and your health for years.

As you can see, there are many benefits of vaping. If thanks to electronic cigarettes you have been able to quit smoking, you should consider yourself successful. Many people succeed and are able to say good bye to traditional cigarettes for good. There is no reason you wouldn’t be able to be one of them as well. Just start having healthier habits from today and you should be fine.

How to Get Motivated to Exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us, but with the hectic lives we live sometimes finding enough time and motivation to indulge in physical activity can be easier said than done. If you are one of those people, you are not alone. We all have great plans and ambitions regarding our bodies, which can easily become shattered due to a number of factors, usually lack of motivation. This is how you can help yourself to stay focused on achieving your fitness goals:

1. Do something you really enjoy. If hitting the gym is not something for you, don’t blame yourself, but rather look for other forms of physical activity, especially those things you have never tried before. Check your local leisure centre and see what activities they offer. There must be there something that will keep your attention for longer than a few days.

2. If you exercise at home, whether alone or with friends, choose proper workout music. You can click here for some ideas. Very often, appropriate music can make all the difference, and can turn a boring workout session into something absolutely magical. It can also make it more fun.

3. Find like-minded people who enjoy the same activity as you do. Doing so can make a huge difference in your life. If you know you have somebody to report to a few times per week you will be definitely motivate to do so. Finding fitness buddies is also a great way to make new friends and keep the existing ones. This way you will be able to connect with those around you.

4. Be realistic about your expectations. Keep in mind that you won’t become a fitness guru if you are new to fitness. Building your strength and stamina takes time.

5. Eat a healthy diet, which should motivate you to want to achieve your fitness goals. Track your progress by taking your weight readings daily or weekly. Don’t get discouraged if you gain a bit of weight. This can happen if you are new to exercise as many beginners tend to gain a bit of weight due to the extra appetite. Over time, you will get the hang of keeping the balance between eating and exercising that should lead to weight loss.

Getting Healthy, Starting With Breakfast

So you’ve decided to start getting healthy! For lack of any better place, why not begin with the idea of breakfast. What can you do to make your meal healthier? What can you do to make sure that your day gets started right, and that you can springboard forward from there to continue being healthy for the rest of the day?

There are several different ways to answer this question. You might want to start with a breakfast smoothie in the morning to get going. You need to make sure that you watch out for becoming addicted to coffee. There is a lot of evidence against the idea of skipping breakfast. And using shakes and meal replacements at breakfast will have pros and cons too, depending on your current level of fitness and health.

The Breakfast Smoothie

If you want to improve your breakfast smoothie to make it a healthier meal, there are all sorts of different ways you can approach it. You can add or subtract calories from a standard recipe. You can add or subtract fruit, vegetables, or different types of protein powder. You can adjust how much you blend the smoothie. You can decide to put certain things in after your smoothie is combined to increase the valuable fiber content. The more you try to work with trial and error, the better your ultimate results are going to be regarding health or your body.

Watching Out For Too Much Coffee

A lot of people think morning breakfast items should be synonymous with coffee. The trouble is, if you end up with a caffeine addiction, you might not be able to function during the morning without having your coffee fix. This can be a major drain on your ability to move about your day if you’re not in a place where highly caffeinated beverages are available.

Skipping Breakfast

Have you ever wondered if you should skip breakfast entirely? I mean, if you’re trying to lose weight, then this is deleting one-third of the calories that you would get during the day. The trouble is, when you skip breakfast, you’re putting your body in survival mode, and that slows down your metabolism, which in fact may make you gain weight with fewer calories.

Shakes and Meal Replacements

Some schools of thought suggest that you can swap breakfast out with a shake or a meal replacement. There are arguments for and against this. Ultimately, you want to use breakfast as a moderating force rather than some form of extremism in your diet, so be sure whatever replacement plan you’re on accounts for this. Any kind of diet that doesn’t suggest moderation across all of your calories and the entirety of your day is probably not going to be sustainable in the long run.


Make Travelling by Plane a Pleasant Experience

Travelling by plane is now a regular thing for many of us. The days of one holiday abroad each year are long gone as people jet off several times a year. Even in a work environment, it is no longer cost efficient to travel to that meeting by train because travelling by plane is faster and often cheaper.

However, the whole experience of travelling by plane can leave us feeling pretty exhausted but it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, you will have to spend time in the airport waiting to be called through to your flight and yes, you might experience delays but travelling by plane is fun, especially when you plan ahead.

When you board that plane, you can make the whole journey one that is relaxing and enjoyable.

Pack your favourite book

Once you become airborne, you are now in your own little cocoon. Yes, in a few hours’ time you will be touching down beautiful sunshine or a new adventure but for now, make this time your own. Choose a book that really grabs your attention and immerse yourself in it. Forget about the screaming children in the row behind you. Get your head into your book and you will probably find that you will have it finished by the time you touch down.

Music always helps

The sound of the drone of the engine can often drive you crazy on a flight, so why not load your favourite songs onto your phone in preparation for the flight. All you need to do then is pop your headphones in, press play and drift away to the sound of your favourite band or artist.

Watch Films and TV shows

If films and TV shows are your thing, then having them with you on a flight can make all the difference. Immerse yourself in your favourite TV show or watch a film on your smartphone or tablet. In just a few episodes or films, the flight will almost be over, leaving your wondering where the last few hours have disappeared to.

Grab a coffee for the flight

If you feel as though you need a pick me up before the flight, nothing will work better than a good coffee. If you are someone who has a subscription of coffee club, you are more than likely going to know what good coffee is all about. So make your choice and take it onto the plane with you. The warmth of the coffee and the smell will help you to sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

Stretch Regularly

Even if the flight is only a short flight, you can often find that you spend the entire time wedged between two fellow passengers. Don’t allow this to happen by ensuring that you get up and take regular walks and stretches. This is beneficial to your health and can help you to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis but also help you to ensure that you are not stuck in the same position for hours on end.


How to Get Healthier in a Week

With the colder weather just around the corner many of us start feeling unmotivated and unable to do the things that we used to be able to do in the summer. Is getting up in the morning a daunting task that leaves you feeling sluggish for the rest of the day? Do you rely on a few cups of coffee to make it through morning and late afternoon? Is the bad weather getting to you making you irritable and low on energy? If this is the case, then keep reading this post, and you are guaranteed to become inspired:

1. Limit your coffee to no more than one per day. You might be tempted to believe that you absolutely need it in order to live your life, but this is not necessarily true. It might take you a while to get used to living on limited coffee or even at no coffee at all, but the results are going to be encouraging. It is proven that coffee affects your sleep and your energy levels during the day not always in a positive way.

2. Get some exercise, but don’t overdo it. The best way to do it is to start with gentle walking even when the weather is bad. Just put a pair of wellies, or get a dog if you lack motivation. If you feel like you lack energy to walk you might feel like you want to sit on the sofa for the rest of the evening, but in reality gentle exercise will increase your energy levels in the long term, and will allow you to feel invigorated immediately.

3. Get a screening test to see how your health and your body are doing. Before doing this, you might want to read a Bluecrest health screening review to see how others benefited from this sort of screening. Doing so can be a life changing experience as detecting potential health problems early might be key to full recovery. I don’t know about you but I have heard many cancer stories where a person recovered completely from their cancer because on the early detection.

Five Nutrients To Regenerate Nerve Function Naturally

When it comes to your health, it’s important to know what’s in your supplement. When Dr. Aaron Vinik created NutriNerve, he wanted a formula that addressed all of the causes of the stress the patients’ bodies were under. This called for a multi factor compound to treat neuropathy symptoms, one that combined all of the positive results seen with individual treatments, yet balanced so that the ingredients worked properly together.

multivitamin is a dietary supplement option that provides a combination of nutrients in one capsule or tablet. NutriNerve is made up of 5 vitamins and nutrients, specifically formulated to support nerve health. Each ingredient in NutriNerve has been tested and chosen for its response to improving nerve function. The combination of different water and lipid soluble molecules gain access to the sites of production and reduce oxidative and nitrosative stress, thereby reducing free radical damage to the nervous system and allowing repair and regeneration of the nervous function to occur.

Instead of purchasing each individual supplement (which can get costly), the NutriNerve formula is a single, safe, and simple solution, providing you with all the nutrients at once, in the correct dosage amounts.

To help you understand each ingredient, we’ve gathered a variety of resources for you to explore and learn about the nutrients in NutriNerve. You’ll also find articles and studies showing how each ingredient is related to neuropathy and how that ingredient can help nerve function regenerate naturally.

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA)

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) has been shown to restore nerve conduction velocity in animals that have had a 25% decrease in nerve conduction velocity due to diabetes [iii]. Additionally it has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, stress, and premenstrual syndrome. GLA is derived from borage seed oil, which has been used to reduce pain and swelling, prevent heart disease, and even to protect against stroke.

The Benefits of Gamma-Linolenic Acid
About Gamma Linolenic Acid
Beneficial effects of gamma linolenic acid supplementation on nerve conduction velocity

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) has been shown in placebo controlled randomized studies to improve diabetic neuropathy symptoms. In the SYDNEY 2 trial, there was demonstrated to be a 52% decrease in the amount of pain experienced (including stabbing pain, burning pain, paresthesia, and asleep numbness of the feet) after five weeks of 600 mg ALA [i]. The results of this four year study show clinically meaningful improvement and delay in the progression of diabetic neuropathy. ALA is also attributed with improving blood flow via vasodilation of the brachial artery [ii].

Alpha Lipoic Acid: The Multi-Tasking Supplement
The Emerging Role Of Alpha-Lipoic Acid For Diabetic Neuropathy
About Alpha Lipoic Acid
Antioxidant ALA Eases Pain From Diabetic Neuropathy

Benfotiamine (Vitamin B-1)

Benfotiamine (Vitamin B-1) – A statistically significant (p = 0.0287) improvement in the neuropathy score was observed in a group given benfotiamine [iv]. It is often prescribed in Germany as a treatment for sciatica and other neuropathic pain complaints.

Benfotiamine: Health Benefits, Uses, and More
About Benfotiamine
What is Thiamine (Vitamin B1)?
Benfotiamine in the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy

Vitamin D

Vitamin D enhances the absorption of important minerals and specifically addresses the vitamin deficiency common to type 1 and 2 diabetes. It has been shown to reduce the severity of diabetic neuropathy. [vi]

Vitamin D Background

About Vitamin D

Low Vitamin D Levels Common in Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is important to the normal functioning of the nervous system, DNA synthesis and overall metabolism, and has been shown to relieve the symptoms of paraesthesia. Vitamin B-12 restores blood flow which produces myelin synthesis, a fatty substance that protects the nerve fibers. [vii]

Everything You Need To Know About B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)

Neuropathy Due to Vitamin B-12 Deficiency, Not Diabetes

Comprised of these 5 ingredients, the NutriNerve compound is designed to be effective at relieving neuropathy symptoms by reducing and reversing the underlining disease, allowing nerve function to regenerate naturally. And with NutriNerve, you get all of the above beneficial ingredients in one simple dose.

You can visit our Resources page for more information and studies on Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine, and Gamma Linolenic Acid, as well as our Ingredients page for more references on these five nutrients.

NutriNerve® is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated to support nerve health, meeting the highest standards of the supplement industry. It is a pharmaceutical grade product and our manufacturing plant is cGMP certified.


4 Things To Do When A Tooth Breaks

It can happen to anyone in the blink of an eye when they least expect.  You’re chewing something innocently when all of a sudden you hear a terrifying crunch that you’re positive wasn’t a part of what you were eating.  To your surprise, you fiddle around in your mouth with your tongue only to find you have a gaping hole where you once had a pearly white.

If it’s your first time losing a tooth, you may be confused about what to do.  You aren’t sure if you should go to the emergency room, or finishing eating your dinner.  They don’t teach these things in school!

The most crucial thing to do is to remain calm.  It’s a fairly straightforward accident that can happen easily to people with even the best of oral hygiene.  Here is what you should do following the tooth falling out.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

You should verify your insurance coverage to see what dental care you’re covered for.  That way you know that when you file a claim, you won’t be met with any surprises.

Usually, your insurance company will give you a pamphlet highlighting what kind of copay you have and whether emergency dental appointments are part of the coverage they provide.  Since this isn’t a straightforward routine procedure, it may be unique circumstances.

Make An Emergency Appointment

It’s vital that you call and make an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible.  Your broken tooth leaves you vulnerable to infection.  It’s important that you get the tooth filled or replaced as soon as possible so that you don’t cause even further damage.

An infected tooth which is left untreated can lead to a root canal or an abscess which requires surgery.  As a general rule of thumb, you should always act fast with dental issues!

Stop Chewing on It

You should stop using the side of your mouth which the damaged tooth is on to chew until you see a dentist.  You could break it further and be in extreme pain as a result.

You should avoid overly hot, cold, or crunchy food while you’re waiting to be seen by an emergency dentist in the interim.

Practice Proper Follow-Up Dental Care

After you’ve received the proper care for your tooth, you should practice proper dental care.  That means brushing twice a day and flossing as well.  You should avoid foods which are overly chewing or crunchy so that you don’t cause further dental damage.

Your teeth are something which you’ll need to make last for the rest of your life, so you might as well treat them well!  After all, no one wants to lose all their teeth by the time they retire.


3 Tips For Picking A New Primary Care Physician

There are very few people who know the ins and outs of you better than your doctor. From your weight to your health concerns and even your past physical history, your doctor is privy to it all. Because of this, it’s important that you’re able to find a doctor not only that you trust emotionally, but that you can also trust with helping you make all-important health decisions. So to assist you in finding the right match for you in this area, here are three tips for picking a new primary care physician.

Check Their Certifications, Credentials, and References

Before you even think about picking a doctor, you should first do your own preliminary research online. As part of this, Elaine K. Howley, a contributor to U.S. News and World Report, recommends that you check each physician’s certifications, credentials, and references before your schedule an appointment. While you might have to do a little more research in order to understand what each credential or certification means, you’ll also be able to see if there’s any immediate red flags regarding the doctor you’re looking into, like a lot of malpractice issues or negative references from past or current patients.

Find Someone Available

Once you’ve narrowed down your search a bit, you then might want to research a little more about each doctor’s office. When you see your doctor, you won’t be only seeing the doctor. There are other people in the office like nursing staff and front desk assistants. For this part, the front desk is who you’ll want to ask some of your questions to. One of the most important questions to ask, according to Tina Donvito, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, is how busy the doctor is. If you will have to wait weeks or even months to get in to see your doctor, you might want to reconsider if that physician is going to be a good fit for you.

Consider Their Hospital Affiliations

While no one wants to think about having to go to the hospital, emergency situations sometimes do arise where you will need to seek treatment that can only take place in a hospital. In situations such as this, WebMD shares that you’re going to want to ensure that the doctor you see is affiliated with the hospital you’re likely to be seen at. By picking a doctor that’s approved for work at the hospital you’ll be in and is covered by your insurance, your life will get a whole lot easier at a time when easy is what you’ll desperately be looking for.

If you’re looking for a new primary care physician in your area, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find just the doctor you’ve been looking for.



There are now 30 million people with diabetes in the US. There are furthermore 80 million people with prediabetes and metabolic syndrome. About half the people with diabetes develop nerve damage or neuropathy which is the most common complication of diabetes. Prediabetes does not escape its attention and about 1 in 6 people will also suffer neuropathy. Half the people will have pain and the remainder will have loss of strength, impaired vibration and touch or temperature sensation and reflexes and are prone to foot ulcers, amputations and falls and fractures with traumatic brain injury. More recently it has become apparent that impairment of touch, pressure perception and loss of heart rate variability (HRV) are strong predictors of heart attack and death. Unfortunately little has been shown to prevent or reverse neuropathy and relieve the afflicted individuals of their suffering and discomfort.

There is however some hope on the horizon. Recent studies have demonstrated in animals and man that certain nutraceuticals may have beneficial effects on the different components of neuropathy. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a powerful antioxidant which the Toronto Neuropathy convention concluded was “the only agent that has shown the capability of reversing certain components of neuropathy”. In a post-hoc analysis of the NATHAN 1 trial, a 4-year randomized study including 460 diabetic patients with mild-to-moderate polyneuropathy treatment with using ALA 600 mg daily or placebo. Amongst others, efficacy measures were the Neuropathy Impairment Score of the lower limbs (NIS-LL) and HRV during deep breathing. The striking results showed improvement and prevention of progression of  NIS-LL with ALA vs. placebo after 4 years. More importantly the improvement was predicted by higher age, lower BMI, male sex, normal blood pressure, history of cardiovascular disease (CVD), and insulin treatment, longer duration of diabetes and neuropathy, and higher neuropathy stage. In other words the worse you are the better you responded to treatment with ALA.  There is still hope for the wicked. Of further interest it is almost a sine qua non to treat people with diabetes with ACE inhibitors for hypertension and renal disease and the combination with ALA showed a better outcome in HRV. Better outcome was predicted by higher burden due to CVD, diabetes, and neuropathy, while improvement in cardiac autonomic function was predicted by ACE inhibitor treatment.

In small studies in animals and man Vitamin B1 (Benfotiamine) has been shown to improve disturbances of sensory perception, Vitamin B12 to improve gait and balance and gamma linolenic acid derived from borage oil to enhance thermal perception. There also is accruing evidence that vitamin D may have salutary effects on nerve function. Patients who have taken Nutrinerve which is a compound comprising these ingredients have readily testified to the relief of pain and others to the improvement of sensory perception and reduction in instability and the propensity to falling. Of interest patients have spoken about the improvement in their skin, hair and brittleness of their nails. Others who have been on the product and stopped or changed the brand volunteer a recurrence of their symptoms!  It seems that there is light at the end of this tunnel of gloom that has surrounded diabetic neuropathy all these years.