Yummy healthy treats for young ones

You are already tired of forcing your kids to have good food. After all for how long can run after your refusing to eat? He is growing thin and you are clueless of what can be your next option. You think it’s impossible to make your child have healthy meals? No not really. Yes you can make him have healthy stuffs constituting of fruits, vegetables and leaner protein.

You might not know but kids are also fond of whole foods. Once you get them taste these foods you just see them lick the spoon and bowls and want for more. Have you ever tried these easy recipes at home? Try it now.

Mini Sandwich: cut up the breads in orderly shapes. You can even opt for cookie cutters for the perfect shape. Fill them cheese and meat slices or you can even go for lunch meat. This is quite a wholesome option. Insert leafy vegetables into it.

Fruit Kebabs: Stick berries, melons, apples and banana chunks onto tooth picks. This lovely fruity dish is healthy and yummy.

Pizza: Yippy Pizzas are great to have. Use the English muffin or a Pita for the base. Now allow to pour tomato sauce, and sprinkle cheese over the base. You can either sprinkle vegetables or some chicken as toppings for the pizza.

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