When Should You Invest in Laser Hair Removal?

Most of the time, when you really start thinking about laser hair removal treatment, it’s already summertime! You’re tired of having to shave and you want to meet the summer months without having to worry about your body hair. While it’s great to have treatment in the summer, you don’t have to wait. The winter and spring months are also great for treatment and here is why.

Less Sun Damage

When you have laser hair removal, you are going to want to stay out of the sun. After the treatment, your skin is going to be more vulnerable to UV rays. When you go to a laser hair removal spa Manhattan residents swear by, you will want to take a break from sun exposure temporarily. This can be hard to do in the summer. Hence, you may find it easier to have the treatment done before summer, so that you aren’t tempted to catch some rays.

More Time for Removal

In the winter and spring months, you have more time for treatments! In the summer, you want to have your body ready as soon as possible. You are already planning your time in the sun and you don’t want to have to wait between laser hair removal appointments. In the winter and spring, you can take your time a little bit more. You don’t have to rush it. Keep in mind that most treatments will take between 4 to 6 weeks to get the results that you want and for your skin to fully heal.

Healthy Skin for Hair Removal

While laser treatments can work with any complexion, it is best when there is a contrast between your skin and hair color. It’s easier to remove your hair if you have darker hair than you do skin. In the summer, the odds are that your skin will be darker or even sunburned. You want your skin to be as healthy as possible before you begin the process.

When it comes to laser hair removal, there is never a wrong time to start your journey. No one wants to spend their entire summer shaving or having to deal with the razor burn that comes with it. Laser hair removal is extremely convenient and you can technically have treatments at any time of year. The best time, however, is when your skin is healthy and you don’t need to go out in the sun too quickly.