What Is a Drug Treatment Center Like?

Many people shy away from checking into Tennessee drug rehab programs because they are unsure of what a treatment program is like. Below are a few things you can expect in a quality drug rehab center.

Assessment to Determine Level of Treatment Needed

If you’ve ever wondered what to expect in drug rehab , the first step is to undergo a complete assessment. An intake specialist will ask all the right questions to determine the level of treatment you need and what programs will work best. No two addictions or addicts are the same. Treatment can be somewhat customized to fit the level of addiction and types of drugs or alcohol used. All recommendations will be made with your ultimate success in mind.

Clinical Safe Detox

The next step in the process is to meet your treatment team and prepare for the start of your medical detox. An experienced medical team will begin the process of ridding your body of drugs and alcohol in a safe manner. Every available means will be employed to minimize your discomfort with potential withdrawal symptoms. You have qualified individuals around 24/7 that can help with any medical emergencies. You can feel confident you are in good hands.

Meet Your Therapist and Group Therapy Members

The next step in your experience will involve meeting with your therapist for individual counseling sessions and also for group therapy. You will be involved in therapy with fellow individuals that are in the midst of the same battle. The group therapy environment can be one of your biggest allies and areas of support on the bad days. You can develop supportive friendships that last for life.

Begin Working On Any Coexisting Mental Illness

A mental illness that is diagnosed in conjunction with an addiction must be treated simultaneously. You will then begin treatment that can include specialized therapy and medications. Many find immediate relief when receiving treatment for a mental illness they never knew existed. It’s not uncommon for addictions to develop due to an individual trying to self-medicate away mental illness symptoms.

Eat Nutritious Foods to Improve Health

It’s easy to fall into horrible nutrition patterns when dealing with an addiction. Your body becomes malnourished and lacks the vitamins and nutrients needed to function in a full and healthy way. You will learn what foods are beneficial to reintroduce the nutrition you need to dramatically improve your overall health. The goal in nutrition monitoring is to ensure you are gradually building the strength you need to go back to a normal life and continue your path to recovery. Your body can begin responding positively within days.

Get Healthy Exercise for Relaxation

You will have private time that allows you the opportunity to read, write, or converse with others, but you will also need to focus on healthy amounts of exercise. It’s another way to increase your levels of health and promote better moments of complete relaxation. You will sleep better and be able to focus on your treatment program.

Enjoy a Calm, Enriching Atmosphere

A drug treatment center is not a setting that is full of chaos and anxiety. It is made to feel comfortable, relaxing, and allow you the perfect environment to heal. The furnishings are contemporary and nice, the lighting is sedated and decor made to feel like home. You will not be stuck in a setting that feels like a hospital. Most have outdoor areas to sit and enjoy the views and interact with squirrels, birds, and maybe even see a passing deer. Everything is created to reduce anxiety and stress during treatment.

Prepare to Go Home and Maintain Sobriety

Over the course of weeks you will be building up the knowledge, skills, and strength you need to go out into the world and continue your battle to maintain sobriety. You will be given all the tools you need to feel supported and successful.

You will find that your time spent in a drug rehab center is one that emphasizes the strength you possess to change your life for the better through positive choices. It’s the best opportunity you can give yourself to bring life back to normal.