Ways to Recover and Heal Properly

For many people, knee injuries can be debilitating and difficult to recover from after an accident. It can often be challenging to perform daily activities due to a lack of mobility as the knee heals. If you want to recover more quickly and avoid reinjuring the knee, there are a few essential tips to follow.

Diet Aggressively

You’ll want to increase the number of nutrients that you consume each day to help the body heal your knee quickly. Consume a daily multivitamin and increase your intake of vegetables and vegetables to prompt the healing process. You can also incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods and limit your intake of processed sugar.

Use a Knee Brace

A knee brace is essential to use throughout the day to support the leg and prevent movement that can delay the progress that has been made. Purchase a custom knee brace Toronto that will offer a better fit and can allow the tendons to begin healing. The brace will also provide warmth and compression, which can increase the speed of the recovery process.

Perform Exercises

Recovering from a knee injury will require you to perform gentle extensions and retractions on your back to boost the flexibility of the knee. Lying on your back while performing the exercises will take any pressure off and can prevent the knee from becoming stiff over time. You may want to work with a professional who can assist you with physical therapy and offer guidance on more exercises to perform. Avoid performing stretches or exercises that cause pain in the knee, which can prevent it from healing.

Take Medication

Talk to your medical practitioner about taking anti-inflammatory medication that can reduce swelling and make it easier to heal in the coming weeks. You may want to begin taking aspirin, naproxen, and ibuprofen to help with the pain or discomfort that you’re experiencing. In the first few days of the injury, you’ll need to ice the knee every 30 minutes with an ice pack every four hours while using a compression sleeve. Raising your knee with a pillow while sitting or laying down will also prevent swelling throughout the day.

Although it can be discouraging and painful to suffer a knee injury, there are ways to recover and heal properly. By taking the right steps and avoiding using your knee, you can improve at a faster rate and enjoy restoring your mobility over time.