Ways To Live A Healthier Life In New York City

Living in a city as busy as New York, New York brings along its own set of special challenges for those who choose to make it their home.  Your lifestyle may need a few augmentations if you want to sustain a happy, healthy existence in the city.

Unlike more rural areas of the U.S., NYC has very few areas of wide opened foliage and free roaming wildlife.  The concrete jungle has its own sort of landscape, and many find it fascinating.  Consider these few suggestions on how to live a healthier life in New York City, and see if you are up to the challenge.

Driving in the city is a futile affair

Owning a car in the city of New York is more of a burden than a privilege.  There are thousands of car accidents per year, and it is very expensive to own a vehicle in the city.  It costs to park, no matter where you go.  New Yorkers even have to pay to park their vehicles at home.  Driving even costs money as there are plenty of tolls to be paid.

It is much better for your health to utilize other forms of transportation.  The city requires you to be more active.  Walking to the train station, walking a few blocks to the corner store, and many other everyday occurences in NYC require a person to get some exercise.  Take advantage of the opportunity to get moving.

Protect yourself from the questionable air quality

The air quality in New York City is subpar to say it nicely.  Just living in the city exposes you to unhealthy levels of toxins in the air you breathe.  Air quality is a challenge other rural communities do not necessarily have to face, so it is important to be prepared for the change.

New Yorker’s are best served by having a few air purifiers around the house.  At least when you are at home, you can know that you are breathing healthy air.  Purification is a much less expensive solution to the issue than all of the medical bills breathing problems might accrue.

Food availability and diversity is immense

One of the coolest things about New York City is that you can get almost any type of cuisine almost any time of the day or night.  Food is easy to access in New York, but it is typically not very healthy food.

The best way to put only healthy food into your body is to cook or prepare more of your meals at home.  Pack your lunches for work each day, or scope out the closest vegan restaurant.  Be conscientious about your eating choices

Make time to connect with nature

Humans need interaction with nature to thrive.  Sunlight gives us vitamin D, and green plants give us clean oxygen to breathe.  Humans were not created to exist under the fluorescent lights of a dimly lit office space.  Go outside!