Ways Sugar Affects Your Internal Health


In recent years, the sugar industry has faced serious exposure from people trying to get the word out about how sugar is literally put in everything and it has caused and is causing serious issues. The subject is one that is challenging to grasp. There is a real power struggle going on. The sugar companies and the processed food industry know that sugar is seriously addicting and they’re in for one thing only: money. The more sugar in the food, and the more addicting the food product, the more people will need to buy, the more money they’re going to make.

Food companies have scientifically figured out the “bliss point” of food products. The bliss point is the exact equation of how much salt and how much sugar a food needs in order to not fully satisfy a consumer to lead them to eating more and more. It’s rather disgusting when you get into it, but since the world has grown up eating the very foods that these industries are feeding it, the way out seems impossible to find.

You’ve probably heard the spiel, but if you’re curious as to ways sugar affects your physical health, here are 3 specific examples:


You’ve probably never heard of it, but it exists. Candida is a type of yeast that exists in your gut and it feeds off sugar, so the more you eat, the more intensely you crave it. It’s a dark, dark road to head down. Getting out of the hole of candida overgrowth could be likened to detoxing yourself off of a drug.

The reason is because sugar is a drug. It’s proven to be more addictive than even cocaine. Hence the reason the majority of the world can’t get enough of it. If you don’t already have candida overgrowth, you might be on the way to developing it…so watch yourself and your sugar intake because this leads to a myriad of other health issues.

Lack of Energy

Sugar is basically a poison to the body. People talk about sugar highs and how it seemingly gives you more energy, but it’s misleading. The opposite effect is actually happening. When you consume sugar, your body’s ability to create orexin, the chemical that keeps you awake is affected. Sugar isn’t processed like normal food, so when you put in your body, your body is forced to go into overtime just to figure out what to do with the stuff. When you’re body is focusing on processing the poison, it not only inhibits other body functions, it also leaves you feeling tired and sluggish.

In the end, sugar massively affects the body. At this point in your life, you’re probably already addicted to it and it’s in most of the food you consume, but awareness is the first step in change. Know what you’re putting into your body and do your best to wean yourself off the stuff now. You’ll be doing yourself and your children a favor.