Top Reasons to Use CBD

Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil as it is commonly called, has been touted as a cure-all. Unfortunately, it is not, but it shows considerable promise in treating various mental and physical conditions. It is important to remember that you need to disclose any herbal medications that you are taking to your health care professionals.

Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is a debilitating mental illness that many people in the United States suffer from. One of the best reasons to use CBD oil is that you can get it in a fast-acting CBD vape juice that works for anxiety. For years people have taken benzodiazepines for anxiety, but CBD oil and vape juice are showing promise that they will reduce anxiety. Vaping it is one of the fastest ways to get the oil into your system.

Reduces Depression

Like anxiety, there are several promising studies for using CBD oil to treat depression. Anyone with this disorder knows that anti-depressants have severe side effects, including worsening of symptoms. The side effects listed for CBD oil are significantly less severe than those of current prescriptions. Although more testing is necessary, current studies are promising.

Helps With Smoking Cessation

For many smokers, it is the habit of smoking that is calming and not the actual nicotine. Not only can CBD oil help with cravings, but when used in a vape pen or other device, it can help with the habit as well. There are, however, pros and cons to using it to help you stop smoking. The pros are that it is less likely to cause cancer due to tar. One of the cons is that you can easily switch one habit for another.


Like the plant it is derived from, CBD oil can help with insomnia, particularly if it is due to depression or anxiety. One study suggests that taking 160 mg of CBD oil before bed helps to relax the body and makes you fall asleep faster.

Helps With Jaw Disorders

Since it improves nerve function, research suggests CBD oil helps relieve the pain and discomfort from jaw disorders such as TMJ. A painful condition that thousands of people currently suffer from.

Pain Relief

CBD oil can reduce chronic pain. Its cousin marijuana has been used for centuries to reduce both pain and inflammation. It is only recently that doctors discovered why. CBD, the nonpsychoactive derivative, works on the endocannabinoid receptors and reduces inflammation and acts with the body’s normal neurotransmitters. This both reduces pain and reduces pain caused by inflammation. Scientists are currently testing it with arthritis, sciatica and other forms of chronic pain.

Reduces Cancer Symptoms

CBD oil is currently being evaluated in the treatment of cancer symptoms and the symptoms related to cancer treatment. Its cousin THC is in use for treating nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. New research suggests that CBD oil has the same effects. This can give people who shy away from the mind-altering properties of THC the same benefits.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Although it might just be that cannabidiol oil works well for anxiety, it has shown promise in lowering blood pressure. This is not to say that it is a replacement for blood pressure medications, but it could significantly reduce the need for high-dosage blood pressure medications. One study suggests that it might be useful for periodic blood pressure spikes.

Helps Neuro Disorders

One of the neuro disorders that CBD oil has been approved for by the FDA is the treatment of epilepsy. This is one of the most studied uses, and it shows very promising results. The study showed that it reduced muscle spasms in the majority of people participating. This indicates that people who suffer from other types of spasms might benefit from using it.

A Word of Caution

As with any over-the-counter medication or herbal medicine, you should consult your doctor before taking it. It can interact with certain medications making them useless or very harmful. Although there are no known incidences of overdosing on CBD oil, it can make you ill if taken in large quantities. It is not a replacement for traditional medicine.

Overall, CBD oil requires further study. It shows promising results in treating various common physical and mental health conditions, but no long-term studies have been completed as yet. If you suffer from any of these conditions talk to your doctor about using CBD oil along with your regular treatment regimen.